Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gilmore Girls. AGAIN.

You might possibly remember when I was deeply immersed in my passionate love for "Gilmore Girls" and completely wasted my time and had some serious withdrawal when I finished watching them. Good times.

And now I get to experience them again. Because...and you are not going to BELIEVE this...Tom and I are watching them together. Truly a DVD viewing miracle.

It all started when we began watching "Everwood" on DVD from Netflix. Netflix had suggested this series after it saw what we were watching and because what Netflix commands, we must do, I ordered the first season. My reaction was basically "Meh" but Tom LOVED the show. LOVED IT. So we watched. And the more we watched, the more I though, huh. Everwood is a lot like Star's Hollow. And this show is a WHOLE LOT like "Gilmore Girls" in many, many ways. The small town. The interpersonal relationships. The love stories. The friendships. Hey. I wonder if Tom might actually like..."Gilmore Girls".

So he agreed to give it a try. And we ordered the first season. And we put on the first episode and I sat back in my chair and waited to see his reaction. The first time he laughed out loud, I knew I was in. I was going to get to watch one of my favorite shows again. And even though I already know what happens with all the characters?

I'm going to enjoy it just as much the second time.

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Wep said...

OMG I totally loved that show. Hubby would go upstairs saying "THE GIRLS ARE ON" whenever they came on so that I could watch them in the living room. I particularly loved the Jess years!

~Tonyia~ said...

Gilmore Girls was one of my very favorite shows ever..I was so sad I cried when it went off..