Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did You Know There Are A Lot Of Black Shoes?

Still working on the shoe project for the wedding. Black. Strappy. Beaded. And, until you are looking for a pair of black sandals? You may not realize how many there are in the world. And many are...quite awful. Like these.

Unless you live in Hollywood. Then those are PERFECTLY FINE.

You might require a pimp if you wear these.

These are kind of cute. I like the t-strap. But no. I want sandals that are strappy.

These are cute but straps were hard and hurt my feet. I will suffer for fashion but if they hurt for two minutes in the store, you are in for a night of agony. That's a little too much suffering.

Ooooh, fluffy! Completely inappropriate. But cute anyway.

LOVE the bow on the toe. But I have a pair that are very similar to these...

And. These are black and strappy. If only those rhinestones were BEADS instead.

OMG, these are SO DARLING. But completely wrong for the occasion AND the dress.

And, at this point, I got completely distracted by the sale shoes and a DARLING pair of pink sandals. Time to go home. Maybe one of those three pairs of black sandals I already have at home would work after all...

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Lynda said...

Are you secretly Carrie Bradshaw??