Friday, August 29, 2008

For Fun Friday August 29, 2008

Check out all these cool widgets you can install.

Remember those high school yearbooks? Well, put yourself back in them and see how you look.

Ever wanted a Lite-Brite when you were a kid? Here ya go.

ADDICTING Game. Try to guess the keyword from Google images. This is HARD.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Fashion Domino Effect, Or Tim Gunn And I Are JUSTLIKETHIS

So. Remember the post I wrote about Katie's jeans? I am happy to report that I am on the virtual CUTTING EDGE of fashion advice, because Tim Gunn totally agrees with me. Just email me for any fashion advice. Be glad to help you out.

Now, in other fashion news.

I decided I NEED some ballet flats. I have been wearing my clogs for several years now and I am ready to make a new fashion statement. I have black, brown and navy and I wear them with cute trouser socks and switch them out with low and high boots. I love them so much that I actually went and bought the EXACT SAME clogs in the same colors at Penney's and then got rid of the used, scuffed ones. And that's kind of like buying nice new underwear because, really? Who knows? Unless you write about them on your blog. But I was a little tired of the clogs. I was ready for a change.

God knows, as evidenced by the capri story, I don't jump easily onto a trend bandwagon. Actually, I don't jump easily onto any sort of wagon, but that gets into a whole other blog post about dieting and iced cookies and, really, who wants to go there? We were talking about ballet flats. And possibly getting a little link-happy.

The truly ironic thing is that I WORE BALLET FLATS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Back in 1970ish, everyone who was ANYONE wore those Pappagallo flats with the flower on the toe.

Like these.

With plaid mini skirts and cable knit sweaters. In approximately a size 0. I spent every penny I made working in the stock room at Mason's Department Store on clothing. I had roughly 5, 491 plaid skirts. So, if only I had saved those shoes, they would totally be in style again. But, alas. Life is not that simple and we are not that insightful when we are 18. I must start again with the ballet flats.

But here's the problem. My pants all fit, length-wise, with clogs which have heels of approximately 2" - 3". These shoes are flat. Ergo, my pants will not work. And if you are wearing flat shoes and your pants are dragging on the floor? Please do not come near me unless you want to be severely ridiculed. Probably behind your back.

So. I will need new pants.

And new pants, OF COURSE, call for new tops.

And, just possibly? New underwear.

Hence, the fashion domino effect.

I have a lot of shopping to do.

And after I finished this post yesterday with that inspirational statement, I went to Payless and bought these.

In black and brown. Because they did not have navy and red and any other colors. Which I totally would have bought also. Because? They are DARLING.

Now. I just need some new pants.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making A Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

I was making some egg salad this weekend and, as I boiled the eggs, then peeled them and prepared the PERFECT egg salad, (mayo, a little mustard, salt and pepper) I thought about how I had read an article on making the perfect hard-boiled egg years ago and shared it with my sister-in-law. She was amazed and immediately set about making her eggs this way. Or, at least, that's how I remember it. I'm sure she will set me straight with her eerily perfect memory if that is not correct.

I thought others might benefit from my years of perfect hard-boiled egg making, so here you go. Put some water in a pot, put in some eggs, heat up the water and cook them about 20 minutes. When I did some research, a few web sites say to bring the water to a boil, then add the eggs and cook for about 15 minutes. Which is just about the same as my technique - I guess the water takes about 5 minutes or so to boil.

Then, take the pot off the stove and drain the hot water out of it. Now, run some cold water over those eggs for a few minutes, just rolling them around in the pan and letting the water run over them. Drain out the cold water and bounce them around in the dry pan. Just keep bouncing until most of the eggs are cracked. Now, just peel them. Don't worry, they are not hot anymore. And the peels should come off in big pieces, very easily. If there are some that are not cracked, just roll them around on the counter with your hand until they are nice and cracked, then peel them.

Don't wait to peel them, don't stick them in the fridge for later. They will be much harder to peel. You need to peel them right away.

Let me know how this works for you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Krusteaz Pecan Bars

Welcome to Try It Tuesday! You might want to read the guidelines here before you sign Mr. Linky below. Thanks for participating!

Dessert is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. Saving time and preparing delicious items comes in a close second. So when I find a box mix that is quick, easy AND makes a fabulous dessert that tastes like homemade, I am pretty darn excited.

Or maybe it's just the sugar rush.

No, it's definitely the dessert.

Krusteaz makes a variety of dessert and muffin mixes, one of which is their pecan bars.

And can I just say? OMG. These things are fabulously delicious. I have also made the lemon, which I can unreservedly recommend and the key lime is next on my list to try. Have you tried any? What did you think?

Now, what have you tried recently that was so fabulous that you must share with us?

Sign Mr. Linky, make sure you link to the post, not just to your blog, and you are good to go. Thanks for participating! (Remember to make a comment below that you are participating so that I get an email. Otherwise, I have to keep checking back to see who has signed up next.)

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey! How'd They Get The Gold?

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Hah. Bet you thought this post was gonna be about the Olympics. But you would be SO WRONG.

This is about sleeping. I realize I JUST wrote a post about sleeping and I'm sorry I don't have more entertaining topics for you, like someone who named their kid Zuma Nesta Rock. Wait.

And can you believe that crap? That kid will be coming home from a school with a black eye every day. Although he will probably be extremely rich, so maybe not. Anyway.

Sleeping. Napping, actually. As you know, one of my favorite pastimes. But not in this instance.

I NEVER fall asleep in front of the TV. I have always found it mildly amusing (Hahahahaaaaaa...I am SO SUPERIOR) when people talk about falling asleep in front of the TV and I often have to wake Tom up when he falls asleep as we are watching TV.

So, the other night, we were watching an episode of Psych which, normally we love and find extremely hilarious, but it was just a trifle boring. Something about finding some buried pirate treasure and they were going on and on and my eyes were kinda heavy, so I thought "Hey! I'll just close my eyes and listen to the story and when they stop talking and it's not so boring, I'll open them and watch the rest of the show."


I jerked awake to find I had slept through most of the show.

Sitting up in my chair.

My only consolation is that I did not drool on myself or the chair.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello, SITS Readers!

Hello, everyone from The Secret Is In The Sauce. I didn't even realize my blog was listed other there on the left until I got a comment from Lynda at Art On A Limb, so thanks, Lynda!

Please settle down with a cup of a coffee or a glass full of ice and Diet Mountain Dew (my personal favorite) and spend a little time looking over my blog. To help you out, I linked a few of my favorite posts.

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Free Business Cards. Only $50.00!

You can also check out the blog I write for our local newspaper, The Lexington Herald-Leader here.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. I truly appreciate it and hope you will stop back by or even add me to your Google Reader. Have a great day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

For Fun Friday August 22, 2008

Learn to talk like Yoda. You KNOW you want to. (in Yoda - Seek advice, you must!)

What about some free stuff? You can also add this site as a gadget in Google.

Feeling sick? Want to find out what those symptoms really mean? Check out this site.

A pretty cool way to keep track of your calories. There are other gadgets on this site also.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Doctor Thinks I Have Narcolepsy

Don't forget about Try It Tuesday next week. Start shopping and writing that blog post now.

I went to see my doctor one day during the summer when I had some sort of stomach bug and was really not in tip-top condition. I had not slept well the night before so, when the nurse left me in a hospital gown on the examination table, I pulled the thin sheet over me and curled up on the table. And promptly fell fast asleep.

I jerked awake when my doctor came in and we laughed together about my impromptu nap.

I just went to see her again the other day for my annual physical. It was the third day of school and I was sleepy and tired. Left again in a hospital gown on the examining table, I curled up, pulled up the thin sheet, nodded off and again jerked awake when she came in the room.

I explained about the exhaustion all teachers feel that first week of school and she nodded understandingly, but I assume she thought I was some kind of narcoleptic anomaly. After all, who can fall asleep in the doctor's waiting room?

Then, she asked how my periods were. I answered that I hadn't had one in quite a while since I had already gone through menopause. She looked up from her electronic clipboard at me, tipped her head to one side and said "Oh, sorry. I was thinking you were only in your 40's and were still having periods."

I sat there in my hospital gown with my eyes drooping from exhaustion, my hair ruffled and a sheet mark on my cheek from falling asleep and made a final decision.

I LOVE my doctor.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pancakes Taste Better

Did you know pancakes taste better if they are made in the shape of Mickey Mouse? It's a known fact. I can't believe you didn't know that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Jello Pudding

Welcome to Try It Tuesday. If you have tried something quite fabulous lately, just write a post about it and sign Mr. Linky below. Make sure you link directly to your post about your new purchase and not to your blog itself. And make sure you are writing about something new you have purchased that you want to share. Thanks for participating!

I have to say upfront that I am not a HUGE fan of pudding. When I have a dessert, I want it to have some substance to it. For example, for dessert the other night I had a mango brown sugar pound cake. With peach and white chocolate ice cream on the side. It was approximately 5,391 calories. But totally worth it.

So pudding has to be pretty darn fabulous for me to be impressed. I have eaten the Jello sugar free pudding before and found it perfectly adequate but they have three new flavors that might make me reconsider the mango brown sugar pound cake. Possibly.

I have always liked rice pudding. I think it's like tapioca - you either like it or if someone were to present you with a spoonful, you would scream with hysteria. There is no in between with rice pudding. But I like it. So I was impressed with the new Jello rice pudding. The original tastes kind of like vanilla and has a nice texture with the rice blended in. I also want to try the cinnamon and the creme brulee.

But my favorite so far is the dark chocolate or (my favorite) dark chocolate with raspberry Jello pudding. It is rich and dark and chocolately and quite simply fabulous.

Try both kinds. Let me know what you think. And don't forget to sign Mr. Linky to show your post.

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The LAST First Day

Don't forget about Try It Tuesday tomorrow! Remember to link to a post about something new you have tried.

Last week, I had the last first day of school. This is my twentieth year as a Library Media Specialist and I am finished. I love my job. I love working with children, I love books, I love all the people I work with, I love using technology to teach, I love the way my job has changed so much over the years, I love the first day of school. But I am finished.

I want to read tons of books and write and play with my grandson and travel and sleep as late as I want and take all kinds of classes and enjoy the rest of my life as much as I possibly can.

I started working when I was 16 at Mason's Department Store. I worked in the stockroom and my highest aspiration was to work the registers at the front of the store. I attained that lofty goal right before I left for college. I have always worked. Part-time, full-time, in a factory, in a grocery store, in a bookstore, in a restaurant, in a burger joint, in a public library, in a school library. And here I have stayed. In the same job, at the same school. For twenty years. Well. Actually nineteen. This year will complete the twentieth.

I love the first day of school. And I will love every day of this year, just as I always have. I will do everything for the last time and I will relish each moment as I set up Book Fairs and read to children and work on web pages and order new books and help teachers and shelve books.

I love the first day of school. And I will love the last day of school.

I'm not sure which I will love more this year.

Friday, August 15, 2008

For Fun Friday August 15, 2008

This is pretty cool. It's similar to Pandora, but instead of just playing music, it looks for music that you like and shows you where you can download it.

How many movie titles can you guess? Biogirl got to 17 (?????) and I got to...2. Man, this is HARD.

I have mentioned before that my students think I am clueless. Maybe this will help.

This is extremely cool. You can draw on this site and them embed it into your blog.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Olympics Are A Little...Boring

OK. Yeah, I said it. I guess I am the only person in the entire United States...wait, the Olympics are the whole world..OK, I am the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD who finds the Olympics stultifyingly (is too a word, spellchecker. or should be.) boring. I must be, because everyone is talking about how they are watching the Olympics for hour after hour after (yawn) hour and some are even DVRing the events so they won't miss any. DVRing, people.

Please. Heaven forbid you should miss...well, I almost mentioned one of the sports but then I'll get an email from someone whose sister is an avid some-sort-of-ball athlete who pulled herself out of a life of poverty with her mad skilz, so I won't mention any of the mind-numbingly boring events cough*synchronizeddiving*cough.

Now, before you get all up in my face, let me say that I have watched the Olympics. I watched almost the entire opening ceremony. And, like, when do you think those people started practicing for that thing? The day they announced Beijing was the site? Because, man. They had DONE SOME PRACTICING.

And I know that it's the pinnacle of success for an athlete and it's all about the athletes bonding and can't everyone just get along and I know there are inspiring stories coming out every day and I do admire that woman who is a swimmer who is in her 40's and has a 2-year old but still. It's booooooring.

So, here is what I have decided.

I have a new sport to propose to the Olympic committee.


I could TOTALLY win a gold medal at this. We could have the eliminations at the mall and you would have to find an item marked at least 50% off and you would get extra points if it was an additional 25% off JUST THAT DAY. Speed, of course, would be an issue so you would get extra points for finding a bathing suit that actually fits and looks good but is on sale BEFORE THE FOURTH OF JULY. In 30 minutes or less. Bonus points if it looks good even without one of those little skirts.

You would get more points for finding a perfect pair of ruby colored slides to match that dress you got for 50% off - points would be lost for trying to pass off a crimson pair.

More points for finding sleeping pants that fit, look cute and DON'T SHRINK IN THE WASHER. Even more points for finding a halter dress that looks good but does not smoosh the back fat into unattractive rolls.

These are important skills, people. Much more important than wearing a bikini to stand in the sand and hit a ball over a net.

And now I have angered all the beach volleyball fans.

Bring it on. I challenge you to find the last hot pink pair of capris in the store in your size ON CLEARANCE.

You would be LUCKY to get a bronze.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Notes From A Refrigerator

I think we are definitely watching too many shows on BBC. Seriously. It is starting to affect how we communicate. I found this on the refrigerator the other morning.

Then, he got more detailed

A few days later. Me to him.

He replies to me.

I am a little nervous about what I might find next. I might have to erase it before our children see.

Right after I take a picture to put on the Internet. For the whole world to see.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. Keep those silly messages coming for another 31 years!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Try It Tuesday: New Towels

Remember to sign Mr. Linky below if you have a new product to share with us. The rule for linking is that you have something new and cool to share. Make sure you link directly to that post, not just to your blog. Here's more specific information about Try It Tuesday.

Recently, I decided I wanted to remodel/redecorate one of my bathrooms. Since I didn't have the money to transform it into a huge space with marble counter tops and those cool, fancy sinks that look like a lovely seashell perched on the counter and a garden tub with whirlpool jets and living, blooming plants, a complete remodel was out of the question.

And, really. I would have had to work with some sort of scientist who could create a rip in the space/time continuum or some sort of black hole in which my small bathroom could expand to include all of the items above. And I don't personally know any scientists like that.

So, I bought some new towels instead.

I was in Meijer the other day looking for Egyptian cotton towels when I saw these darling white towels with a blue stripe which TOTALLY matched my bathroom. They were marked ah Organics and were very, very soft so I bought them.

Look how GREAT they match!

And can I just say? These are the BEST TOWELS I HAVE EVER OWNED. They are big and soft and thick and quite, quite fabulous. You should go to Meijer and check them out. Immediately.

Don't forget to check out my Herald Leader Blog today at: How To Eat A Candy Bar Around A Toddler

Now, go sign Mr. Linky.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Try It Tuesday Guidelines

Welcome to Try It Tuesday!

I am so glad you have decided to participate. Here are the guidelines for this blog carnival. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

1. This is a blog carnival to share any cool, interesting item you have recently purchased. It can be a food item, fashion, cleaning product, make-up, bath product - you name it! Just something you have purchased. Your review can be positive or negative - we want to know what we shouldn't buy as well as what we should.

2. After you write your blog post, come back on Tuesday morning (anytime after midnight) and sign Mr. Linky.

3. When you sign, please put your name and what you are reviewing in parentheses, then make a link DIRECTLY to your blog post, not just to your blog. Remember, if people check the next day, they might not even see your "Try It Tuesday" post if it has moved down the page.

4. Please use the "Try It Tuesday" graphic in your post and link back to the "Try It Tuesday" blog post. You can just copy and paste the graphic.

5. Please make a comment at the bottom, so I get an email that you are participating. Otherwise, I have to keep obsessively checking back to see if anyone has signed Mr. Linky!!

Again, thanks for participating!

Katie Holmes Is Wearing The Gardener's Jeans

Here's what I think happened. Katie and Tom have a gardener (you just know they do). One day, the gardener spilled some sort of weedkiller on his jeans and he went in the house and the housekeeper (because you just know they have one) gave him an old pair of sweatpants to wear while she washed his jeans for him. And the jeans got folded up and placed on the dryer because the gardener forgot and left without them and then he was deported. Because he was an illegal immigrant. And I'm sure Katie and Tom had no idea about that.

So, one day Katie ran downstairs in her little black t-shirt to throw on a pair of jeans and she accidentally puts on the gardener's old jeans. Now, I know they were not an old pair of Tom's jeans because Tom is actually shorter and has narrower hips than Katie. And why he keeps getting selected as an action hero in all these movies, I can't imagine. But I digress.

And Katie liked the jeans. They were big and loose and comfortable. They were just a little too long. So she rolled them up.

Then she had to run an errand (probably to get milk for that annoying kid who is still drinking out of a bottle in every single picture) so she just threw on a jacket and wore the jeans. Forgetting that the paparazzi are like a bunch of frenzied jackals who would take a picture of a celebrity buying a gallon of milk at the corner grocery and probably get, like, two skillion dollars for the picture from some magazine.

So. Now baggy, too big, too loose jeans with the hems rolled up are suddenly the latest style.

You might just possibly think I am exaggerating and that nobody would possibly be lame enough to wear those silly too big jeans with the hems rolled up.

And I would have agreed with you.

Until we had a faculty meeting on Friday and one of the young, cute, hip teachers had on a pair just like Katie.

I tell you what.

That gardener has a lot to answer for.

Don't forget Try It Tuesday will be back tomorrow. Write a post about something new and fabulous you have bought and share it with us by signing up on Mr. Linky.

Friday, August 8, 2008

For Fun Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't forget about Try It Tuesday next week. Do you have a post written yet?

The best I could do was 17 seconds. What about you?

If only ALL photo booths would tell their parents when their kid misbehaves.

Never miss your favorite TV show again.

I already knew I didn't use much profanity on this blog, because of my diverse audience, but this just reinforces that fact.

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou - Online Dating

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Am JUST LIKE Ma Ingalls. If She Had A Freezer.

So, I already told y'all at my other blog about the joy of buying and eating fresh veggies but I have decided that we like them so much there has to be a way to get that fresh veggie goodness in the winter. Tom's mother used to can fresh green beans and those were the best green beans I have ever eaten IN MY LIFE. But I just can't see myself canning vegetables. For one thing, I'm a little, tiny bit lazy. For another. Well, I'm kind of scared of the pressure cooker.

But I decided that maybe I could, just possibly, freeze some fresh vegetables for next winter. I had a vision. My freezer would be packed with bags of colorful, fresh vegetables and I would take out a couple and whip up some homemade vegetable soup and some fresh bread and some homemade peach cobbler and then I would go down and chop some logs for the fire and possibly skin a bear so we could have a rug to sit on in the front of the fire.

OK, maybe just the vegetables thing.

Being the inveterate librarian I am, I started with research and found this web site. And it didn't look that hard. So, Tom and I went to the Farmer's Market and bought 5 pounds of green beans, along with tomatoes, strawberries, cantaloupe and peaches. And, can I just say? Is there a smell better than the smell of sun-warmed peaches? We walked by that booth and HAD to buy some. If they could just bottle that smell, someone would make a kazillion dollars.

So, here's what I started with. Five pounds of green beans.

It sure looked like a lot less once I got them cleaned and ready to blanch. And, are you suitably impressed that I used the word "blanch"? I know I am.

Green beans blanching. Which I guess. Actually just means boil. For a short time.

I popped them in ice water.

I put them in individual freezer bags in about one pound portions, which is right for the two of us. And I froze them.

I'll give you an update on how they taste after I cook up a mess of 'em. But I bet they'll taste pretty good. Especially if we eat them in front of that fire sitting on that bear skin rug.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rude Awakening

Don't forget to create your post for Try It Tuesday for next week.

Don't you absolutely hate it when you are in a deep, deep, lovely sleep and suddenly, oh so suddenly, you are jarred awake by a strange and alien sound?

A sound that is so guttural yet whiny, so back in the throat raspy with an indefinable nnnnnngggggg vocal that it can't help but wake you up?

A sound that has come from somewhere excruciatingly close by, so very, very close it might seem it has come from right beside your head?

And then you realize.

That it came from you.

You actually WOKE YOURSELF UP snoring.

Don't you hate that?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Try It Tuesday

Welcome to the very first Try It Tuesday.

When I was trying to think of something fun, new and interesting to try on my blog, the first thing I thought of was shopping. Then I thought of how much I like trying new products and finding new things and sharing them with you.

Then I thought, hey. Maybe YOU have some new products you would like to share with me. And a few other people. At least the few of my family members who read this blog. I'm sure they have something to say. I certainly know they shop.

So Try It Tuesday was born.

And, OK. I admit it. I think Mr. Linky is extremely cool and I have been dying to try it.

So, here's the deal. Every Tuesday morning sometime before 9:00 AM Central Time (maybe earlier once school starts), I'm going to share something cool, new and fabulous that I have discovered. It might be a new fashion item, or shoes, or food or cleaning products or possibly a cure for the common cold. OK, probably not the last one. But definitely some of the others.

If you have something new, cool and fabulous that YOU also want to share, just sign Mr. Linky and make a link directly to the blog post, not just to your blog. Put your blog name and in parenthesis your topic - like Mrs. Who(New chocolate bar) - and make it no more than 4 words or Mr. Linky gets annoyed - so readers can decide if they are interested in that post. Mention Try It Tuesday in your post and link back here. You can use the Try It Tuesday graphic, but you are not required to do so.

I'll start.

Since we just got back from a trip to Pensacola, Florida where you can basically go down to the docks and buy shrimp directly from a shrimping boat which has gathered the shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico sometime in the last couple of hours, I am pretty hard to please when it comes to eating shrimp.

But this Shrimp Scampi from Sea Pak looked pretty good, so I picked up a couple of packages and can I just say? This is just as good, if not better, than something you would order in a restaurant. You just saute it for a few minutes and then serve it over noodles or rice. I added some steamed veggies and it was downright fabulous. I had the leftovers the next day cold and they were just as good. Run, don't walk, to the store and buy some.

Now, sign Mr. Linky and tell us what you have discovered. I can't wait.

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I'm, Like, An Entrepreneur (And I Had To Spell-Check That)

Yet again, I find myself with a wealth of bath gel and a dearth of matching body lotion. And, as you know, I cannot POSSIBLY use bath gel with lotion that does not match because. Well. The world as we know it might just possibly come to an end.

What is the deal with the lotion running out before the bath gel? Although, now that I think about it, I do use a couple of tablespoons of gel in the shower and then probably a cup of lotion when I get out of the shower (not that I have an extraordinary amount of skin to cover or anything. Shut up about my thighs.) so there is no way it is ever going to balance out. Does everyone have this problem?

I bet you do. So I have been thinking about this problem. Yes, I have work to do. Work that I should be doing right now. Instead I am pondering this important issue of a dearth of bath lotion. Don't you like the way I used the word "dearth" twice in one post? Who else could possibly do that?

So. Here is what I have decided. Bath and Body Works needs to install my invention immediately. I call it "The Body Lotion Filler-Uper."

I might possibly need a better name.


On one wall of the store, they should have all these faucets labeled with the names of lotion. You take your empty lotion bottles to the store, go to the correct faucet and fill it right up. You pay per ounce or something like that.

Is that frakin' brilliant or what?

I will probably make about a skillion dollars for this idea. Or least a bottle of free lotion from Bath and Body Works. If only one of their top executives is reading my blog.

And I just bet they are.

Friday, August 1, 2008

For Fun Friday August 1, 2008

Don't forget Try It Tuesday starts next Tuesday.

Here's a cool site where you can see which celebrity you resemble the most. My top two? Molly Ringwald and Ricki Lake. I think it's the chin. I can't see any other resemblance.

OK, I am going to put this one here because I absolutely could not figure it out. Maybe someone else can. Let me know how you get those people past the red line.

I got this one down to 21 moves, but I'm sure someone can make it on less.

See just HOW CRAZY you are at this site. Although I totally agree with one of them. You will never know which one.