Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hairy Knees. And Chin.

I often read in the blogger world (and I have to say, this is TOTALLY a world. And it's a world that, if you talk to someone who knows nothing about blogs, they think you are just slightly crazy.) about how much other bloggers hate to shave their legs. This is not something I stress over. In the tub, whip over the legs with a razor, done. I do it once a week in the winter, 2-3 times a week in the summer once I start showing my legs. No big deal. But I was reading this blog the other day and she started off by talking about having a razor in her car and I'm all "Huh? Dude. Who shaves their legs IN THE CAR?" but then she explained.

She always notices her hairy knees in the car. The hairy knees she has missed while shaving. And this way she can just whip out her razor and clean 'em up. OMG. This is GENIUS. I ALWAYS notice those stupid hairy knees I have missed. And, of course, I always notice them in the car with the bright sun shining on them. And could do nothing about it. UNTIL NOW. Because now I have a razor in my car. I just hope I don't hurt myself contorting my body so I can shave my knees at a stoplight.

But the great advice did not end there. One of the commenters said she always keeps tweezers in her car too because she always notices those long hairs on her chin in the car too. And, OMG. Another great piece of advice. Because do those long hairs grow FRAKIN' OVERNIGHT or what? So now I can tweeze at the stoplight too.

So if you see a little, red Ford Escape SUV that is pausing a little too long at a stoplight? Give me just a second. I might be finishing up the other knee. Or possibly searching for that elusive hair on my chin.

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Anonymous said...

I probably won't notice you at a stop light because I too tweeze in the car. The natural sunlight is the best for those chin hairs and wild eye brows. I have never kept a razor in the car until now. I plan on putting one in there today.
thanks, vj

Alice said...

LOL - Thanks for the shout out and so glad that I and the other commenters could make your life better! Don't cut yourself!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Tweezers in the car. I am totally going to do that.

Lucy's Mom said...

Use an electric razor in the car. They have the ones with a cigarette lighter charger. Very handy and no cutting.

Wep said...

TOO true. I have had a razor in my car for about a year now. It is inevitably when you are leaving for a fancy event that you discover that stray hair which has to be about 3 inches long. EWWW.

MissKris said...

Tweezers and a razor...OK. But PUHLEEEZE don't carry a toothbrush and brush your teeth in the car!! I saw a lady doing exactly that one day recently at the gas station as we were both getting gas in our cars. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.