Friday, June 6, 2008

For Fun Friday - June 6, 2008

This is a really cool site where people send in photographs of places they have visited and the site will then donate money to the SPCA or the World Wildlife Found.

Looking for a picture to put on your web site or blog? Here's a free site with thousands of copyright-free pictures.

I have no idea if anyone can actually get any money from this site, but it seems reputable and was in AARP magazine. Check it out if you think there is any possibility you have unclaimed money somewhere.

One thing that really bugs me is bad spelling. And, now that I have said that, I'll humilate myself and have a word spelled wrong in one of my blogs. See what kind of a speller you are with these quizzes.


Jessica said...

My husband received unclaimed money from Kentucky a few years ago. It was a paycheck from a job, I think. There is a specific link for the Kentucky State Treasury's unclaimed money/property,

Barbara said...

The missing money site works. I have used it twice and collected over $1,000 from banks in locations where I lived in Texas. When we moved, we forget the little saving accounts that we used to save for trips and special things.

Heather said...

The link to the spelling test was messed up, but that's okay--I found this weird game that is a total time killer. Highly recommended.