Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tap. Tap. Is Anyone There?

So, yeah.

My final farewell turned out to be not quite so final.

I hope some of you are still reading. I know a few of you are because I still have people who are subscribed. I don't know if that's because you are too lazy to remove me from your reader or you have been living with the faint and wistful hope that someday I will start writing again.

I'm sure it's the latter.

I'm still toiling away at the travel blog and a tough gig it is, too. I have to do things like sample wine on river cruise ships and stroll the streets of Paris but hey. Somebody's got to do it. But the newspaper blog kind of slowly faded away until it became almost non-existent and I find that I need an outlet where I can express my thoughts which are vitally important to the world but I can't really share on the travel blog like the fact that one of the best things about coming home from a month-long trip to Europe is the fact that I have several People magazines AT ONCE to read.

What a wealth of information about the world! The divorces! The weight-loss stories! The...wait.

Does anyone else find that they only know about half the people who are actually IN People magazine? I hope it's not just me.

I shared all kinds of great and fascinating stories about our wine tasting river cruise on the travel blog and I'll wait while you go and read all that.


All finished?


Now let me share with you what was truly the most interesting thing about our trip. Hotels have gone insane with their showers.

Hear me out.

Every hotel we stayed at had these really weird new showers with a piece of glass halfway across and that was it. No door. Nothing. Just that piece of glass halfway across.

This meant that not only were you freezing every time you took a shower because there was a big empty spot between you and the rest of the bathroom, but water went flying into the bathroom and got all over the floor. Seriously, at one hotel, it actually flew out into the hall of our room if you left the bathroom door slightly open. It was lucky they gave us plenty of towels because we had to use the extra towels to sop up all the water on the floor.


Fancy new hotels and their truly weird showers.

This is the kind of fascinating and insightful posts you can expect from this blog.

I know you can't wait for the next post.