Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Thoughts That Are Not Quite Enough for a Post. Yet, Here They Are.

I was just taking a nap and heard someone cough, so I got up to see what was up. But nobody was here. Nobody coughed. Did I cough in my sleep? Whose cough did I hear? Stuff like that freaks the freak right out of me.


I now have two pairs of glasses because when I got new reading glasses, they didn't work as well for the computer as my old glasses. So I keep the old glasses by the computer but I'm always walking off with them in my hand and then trying to read with them and the print's kinda blurry and then I remember I have the wrong glasses. Or I wear my reading glasses and sit down at the computer and can't see. It's the little things that make your life so complicated, isn't it?


I have discovered that I love making iced tea with my Keurig coffee maker but not the kind that comes in the little k-cups. I have a special gizmo I bought that you can put regular tea in and then reuse in the Keurig. So I make tea and fill up a big cup and sweeten it, then pour a little at a time into another cup full of ice which I have to keep refilling with ice because the tea was warm to start with. It takes a while to do. It's really a production with ice and tea and sweetener and extra glasses. But there's something about the process that I kind of love.


I adore ordering things online. Actually, it's not the ordering that I adore but the getting of packages. Sometimes they are stuffed in the mailbox, sometimes they are left on the porch. Sometimes I miss the ringing of the doorbell and just go outside later to find a package left for me on the porch by UPS or FedEx. Like a prize! I love that.


I have started buying fresh, cut-up fruit at Whole Foods because, seriously? Whole Foods has the best fruit in the entire world. They have all the regular stuff like cantaloupe and strawberries but they also have cut-up oranges. Peeled and cut up so nicely with no skin. You can just pick up the pieces and bite them, all sweet and juicy. I realize I could cut up my own oranges. Somehow it's just not the same.


At some point, back when I had short hair, I turned over in bed and put up my hand to flip my long hair back out of the way and off my back only I didn't actually have long hair and hadn't had long hair for years and years. Now that my hair actually is long, I use that gesture several times a night. That exact gesture. What? Was that like a long hair premonition or what?


Sometimes, when I go to Yoga, I have almost perfect balance. I can pose on one foot, stretch out my arm and curve my other leg out and back in a perfectly lovely and symmetrical design. And stay there for minutes at a time. Then, the next time I go, I have the balance of a drunken giraffe. Wouldn't you think once you have balance, you have it? Me too. Apparently not true.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Snowing And I Don't Care Because BEACHBEACHBEACH

So, it was just raining and sleeting and snowing outside a few minutes ago and was generally as nasty-looking outside as you can possibly imagine. Although if you are reading this in Chicago you are probably all "We will take that minuscule little weather pattern and raise it with 2 FEET OF SNOW, beyatch" so in the overall weather scheme, it's not that bad. But still. Yucky. Wet. Cold. Icy cold. Naaaaasty.


Because? Soon I will be here.

And, oh my word yes, that DOES INDEED say beach.

Now, Tom is the world's best companion in pretty much any travel situation. He enjoys the same things I do and is always up for a nap at just the right time. However. He is not a fan of the BEACHING. Or the SHOPPING. Two of my all-time favorites. But that's OK. Because I'm going on a trip with some girlfriends who love the BEACHING and the SHOPPING.
And our first stop is Miami, where I have never been and am pretty excited about visiting for the first time. THEN we are getting on a cruise ship and sailing to the Eastern Caribbean, where I have also never been. So, as you can see, this is a trip to places I have never been with beaches and lots of shopping and girl talk. So rain, sleet and snow? I say PSHAW to you. PSHAW I say.

Image not to scale. Ha!

So, in light of this momentous occasion, I decided a new pair of shoes was definitely in order. Although, in all honesty, I have to say that a new pair of shoes could be in order in pretty much any situation for me. But these shoes were in the right place at the right time. Target. At pretty much. Uh. Any time.

And they were all "We are SO CUTE. You MUST HAVE US." And I knew they were so right. Well. Look.

So cocky, they are!

And I have once proven that I am virtually PRESCIENT when it comes to fashion, because apparently cork wedgies are in style now and I had a pair of almost identical, perfectly DARLING red sandals with cork heels almost just like these when I was in college. Now, I have to admit that we wore them with brightly patterned socks and now, once again, I have to bow to the ALL POWERFUL Google Machine because when I went to look for a picture of wedge sandals with socks from the 1970's, I found that they are actually back in style again.

Although I personally will not be wearing this fashion because. Well. Because it's kind of UGLY. Not that I'm judging. (I totally am.)

Anyway, the point is that I have new cork wedge sandals and they are perfectly darling in every way.

Why, yes I DID just have a pedicure. Thanks for noticing. Considering my toes have been hidden in snow boots for a month, it's nice to show them off.

If you decide you can't live without these sandals either, you can find them in the Target store or HERE online. They come in black, brown and silver which I seriously held in my hands for five minutes in the store, trying to justify another pair of silver sandals when I have two. I reluctantly put them back but when I wear out those other two pairs and don't have a backup pair, I will probably regret that fashion decision.

However, at this very moment, I have two pairs of black and white polka dot sandals in my closet because I LOVED the first pair so much, I actually went back and bought a second pair for when they wore out.

Do you now how much you wear black and white polka dot sandals? Not as much as you would think.

I guess I can hold off on the silver pair.

But there's nothing to keep you from buying them.

Go on.

You know you want them.