Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FREE Business Cards - ONLY $50.00!

So, I decided I needed some new business cards. I'm writing for a professional blog now (see? over there on the right? at the top? Yeah. I'm a little excited about it) and I thought I might actually need to act a little professional sometime in the future and might need to be able to hand someone a business card.

I remembered that I had gotten some free business cards a while back to hand out when I was presenting at conferences, so I just looked up "free business cards" on the good ole Internet and Vistaprint popped up. After attempting to create an account, vistaprint remembered me as a customer and I was able to log in and look at all the free business cards. They actually are free; it's not a scam of some sort. You just pay for shipping. (although I do think the shipping is a little high)

But I didn't love the free ones, so I checked out the ones that were only $3.99 and found the PERFECT one with two women on a patio. OK, click, order 250 of those. It popped up and offered me a business card holder for only $6.99. Now, I have to admit that I already ordered one of these the last time I got the free business cards but I have absolutely no idea where it might be. So I TOTALLY needed one. I can't just throw those cards in my purse, can I? My lovely FREE cards might get crumpled.

So, now we are up to $11.00. I kinda want them right away so I chose Priority Mail. Another $13.00. Up to $25.00 with tax.

Now, even before I get into the rest of this story, I am looking at those figures and realizing I probably could have gone to a local printer and gotten some cards much cheaper than that. But these were FREE!

When I pressed the order button, a message came up and said to wait, to be patient, not to click the order button again and IF YOU DID (because of course people do) just go back and check to see if the order actually went through before you order again. I waited patiently and then the screen that was counting down just clicked closed.

I hesitated because I am nothing if not obedient to instruction, then clicked to see if the order had gone through. It had not. It was still in the shopping cart.

So, of course. I ordered them again.

Can you see where this is going?

About three minutes later, I got an email confirmation of my order. Then, a few seconds later, a confirmation of my second order. $25. Twice. $50. For my FREE business cards.

I frantically went back to the site and began clicking, trying to cancel one order. But, alas. A message came up saying that everything was automated, you could not cancel. But there was a phone number! Relief! I called it. And proceeded to wait 15 minutes on hold. I firmly believe they thought I would just give up and take both orders of my FREE business cards, but no. I waited. And waited.

The phone was finally answered by a lovely, friendly and polite gentleman from India. Or possibly Mars. Either way, we had some small degree of difficulty in communicating. But he finally got the message. And he canceled one order.

So, my free business cards on on the way.

My free $25 business cards.

What a deal.


Amy said...

LOL- that's totally something that would happen to me. Hope your cards are just perfect when you receive them after all of that! :)