Thursday, May 8, 2008

She Photoshopped My Arm To Make It Look Fatter. It's The Only Possible Explanation.

My niece had some pictures on her blog the other day from a baby shower we all attended for my other niece. She had some lovely pictures on her post. Lovely. There was one of me with Liz and Wesley and I was admiring it and how cute we all looked and my hair was flipping just right and my little top was cute and then I saw it. My arm. My truly, truly fat looking arm. I gazed at it for quite a while, appalled. It was huge. It kind of spread, rather blimp-like against my side where I had pressed it as I hugged Wesley. And I wondered why in the world my arm looked so fat.

It has absolutely nothing to do with all the cake I have eaten at the three baby showers I have gone to recently. Nothing to do with all the cookies and candy I have consumed during Teacher Appreciation Week. Nothing whatsoever to do with the M & M blizzard I got at the drive-though at Dairy Queen the other day. Those are completely not to blame, I am sure.

There is really only one explanation.

She Photoshopped my arm. She took some of those little online tools and stretched it or widened it or simply added some fat to it. Just to mess with my mind. For a little playful joke.

I'm sure that's it.

It's Photoshop.

And that's the final word on the subject.

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Barbara said...

I feel your pain. Recently the same thing has happened to me, only someone Photoshopped in double chins, wrinkles, and lots of fat! Not only that, I've been Photoshopped to look tired, stressed out, and definately old! Worse yet, if I was having a good hair day, they Photoshopped in a bad hair day. Photoshop can be soooooooooo cruel!

sarah said...

You caught me! I wasn't sure you would notice my photoshopping skillz, but I guess I don't have it down yet...

I seriously think that is such a great picture of all three of you! We were talking about how sweet it was at family night lsat night!