Thursday, May 29, 2008

That's It! He Wanted To Recycle!


Come ON.

When some of you looked at the picture yesterday of the milk jug sitting on top of the trash, you actually considered that the reason Tom put it there was because he intended to recycle.

Yeah. That's it. Snort.

Only the recycling bag was in the dining room, just a few steps away. Apparently, that was just WAY TOO MANY STEPS for him. He never even considered recycling it. He just set it there because, in his words "the trash was full". Uh, ya think? So do you think there was the slimmest possibility that he would remove the trash bag, put the extra trash in it and replace the trash bag with a fresh one? That possibility is so slim, it is virtually non-existent. In fact, it IS non-existent. Never gonna happen. And maybe that's because he doesn't know where the trash bags are kept? That would be a good argument if they hadn't been under the sink for THE LAST 30 YEARS.

Oh well. He does have his good points. I could make quite a list. But let me close with a message he left me on the refrigerator the other morning. Just because.

I guess I can throw the trash away for him a little longer. Just a little longer.

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Jessica said...

WHAT??? They NEVER learn to take the bag out of the trash can. Oh, I don't know if I can make it for 30 years.

Michelle said...

Nice message on the fridge! : )

I saw your comment on Antique Mommy's blog about paper guest towels...try the party supply stores. They always seem to have them there!

Petite said...

I love the message on the fridge as well. Sweet ;0

As for the putting of trash, well, it is just a matter of responsibility, I think ;(

may-b said...

I think he was sucking up so you didn't tell him really where to put the milk jug!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

we use our fridge magnets for notes too! haha.