Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Great And Powerful ME, ME, ME!

So, I have decided that I am, like, this great and powerful being and everyone should BOW DOWN BEFORE ME, YOU PUNY MINIONS!

After I wrote about my old family recipe for meat loaf the other day, my friend Barb emailed me because they were having trouble finding that meat loaf mix and she wanted to know where did I buy it? In other words, she read my blog post and IMMEDIATELY went out to purchase the product I had recommended. I mean, I had several comments from people politely saying they would try it but you kind of assume they might just be very polite, but she went out to purchase it. IMMEDIATELY.

THEN. After reading about pop-tarts in a mind-numblingly large number of posts, Tom decided that he had a hankerin' for some pop-tarts. And if you don't know what a hankerin' is, well, you just haven't watched enough old Westerns. So I bought him some strawberry ones. And here is the exact conversation we had the other evening.

Me: So you had some of your pop-tarts this morning? (seeing the empty package)

Tom: Yeah. Thanks for getting them. I tried them with butter.

Me: You DID?

Tom: Yeah. I put butter on a different side on each one to try it.

Me: You DID?

Tom: Yeah. I didn't really like them with butter.

Me: You actually tried them WITH BUTTER because you read about it on my blog?

Tom: Uh. Yeah.

So there you go. I have THE POWER. And here is what I have decided to do with it.

1. From now on, everyone is to refer to me as "Your Majesty". An example might be "Your Majesty, would you now like a foot rub?" or "Your Majesty, can we bring you another iced sugar cookie which we have made for you?"

2. I now have an infinite line of credit at every shoe store in town. A line of credit that never has to be paid.

3. A car company will deliver a little red convertible to me and hand me the keys. And they will put a big bow on it.

4. A cruise company will give me unlimited travel to anyplace I want to go at any time. And I will always have the penthouse suite.

5. At any time, I can add anything I want to this list because I HAVE THE POWER.

6. And don't even trifle with me. Minions.


aclaypot4him said...

"She, who must be obeyed" :O)

Anonymous said...

You need to put your feet back on the ground, girlfriend. vj

Anonymous said...

so I guess I should say something like...

"It is my pleasure to serve"


Oh wait...that's YOUR line.


Jhianna said...

I bought pop-tarts not long after your post came out to try them buttered. I put the butter on the non-iced side because that seemed to make the most sense, and boy, that was really good. (Meant to do a whole post with pictures and everything but then life got in the way. And the hubs ate the rest of the tarts, so I was out of material :)