Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NOT A Domestic Goddess

Although I can't claim to be a domestic goddess like some people in my family, I do have my moments. One of the dishes I make that is a favorite of my family, also happens to be one of the easiest things I make. Settle in, my faithful readers, and let me share my old, treasured family recipe for meat loaf.

Here it is.

Seriously. Adolph's Meat Loaf Mix. For years when we were first married, I painstakingly put together meat loafs (loaves?) with oatmeal and various other ingredients and they were good. Acceptable. OK, edible. But not exceptional.

This mix makes your meat loaf exceptional. When I make it for the whole family, I make a large meatloaf with 2 pounds of ground chuck. But I finally figured out when I make that for just Tom and me, a lot is wasted. I got smart one time and made the whole mixture, but then divided it into two meat loafs. I prepared one and froze one.

There is nothing quite like taking a completely prepared meal out of the freezer and popping it into the oven to make you feel like you have a nice, relaxing evening. I mix up the little sauce packet and divide that in half as well, since we all love the sauce.

This meat loaf is truly delicious, moist and tender and flavorful. Of course, there has to be a catch. This mix is really hard to find. When I locate it, I usually grab three or four packages and stow them away like a miser with his gold coins. I probably shouldn't even be telling you about it. Because you might buy them all. But I am a good, generous blogger friend. Just don't buy them all. I might have to come and find you to get one back.If you can find some, buy it. (one. Don't be a pig.) Make a meat loaf. And let me know what you think.


Heart of Wisdom said...

I will be looking for this mix.
Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Good tip...............i love meat loaf. Thanks for sharing. vj

Anonymous said...

And might I add, those are very pretty meat loaves, as well. Nicely shaped.

Maggie W.

Runningamuck said...

Great minds must think alike because I just posted my meatloaf recipe on my blog! lol! (Not my WFMW but just before it)

I'm going to look for these packets. Because as much as I love my recipe, I'm always looking to improve my recipe box! lol.

Thanks for the great tip!

Lucy's Mom said...

I'm the oatmeal, onions, eggs, start from scratch, kind of meatloaf girl, but I always love EASY. So I will look for and hope to try your mix. Maybe it will be a new and fabulous discovery for my crew. Thanks!!

Barbara said...

I don't do any cooking at my house.... I'm a blackboard Diva, not a domestic Diva. But I did forward your blog to my personal chef. Sounds great!

Jhianna said...

I can never manage a great meatloaf. Sometimes it's okay and sometimes it may even scratch up to good. But never great - I'll keep an eye out for this, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! When I asked my aunt for her swedish meatball recipe she showed me a very similar packet.

Anonymous said...

My guy loves the meatloaf recipe on the Lipton Beefy Onion soup box. In fact, we all do. I still can't wait to try yours! Thanks for sharing. :)