Monday, April 21, 2008

Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway - April 21, 2008

The winner of the cute milkshake glasses from last week is Jessica from Don't Give Him Crackers. Jessica, if you will email me your address, I'll get them in the mail to you.

Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway

White Elephant: Something of dubious or limited value (value being in the eye of the beholder)

For details about the FREE (Yes, FREE. No strings attached. Well. Except you do have to visit my blog.) White Elephant Blog Giveaway, just click here. Now, make a comment. You know you want to.

I found these darling glass apple coasters the other day. There is a set of four. If you like them and want them and can't live without them, make a comment. Good luck!


Barbara said...

I want them!!!!! :-)

cyndi b said...

My best friend would love a gift from me!