Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Defeet And DeBabyFeet

Another post from my feet. I just can't shut them up. I'm sorry.

Hey, mon! It finally be spring and defeet be so happy to be wearin' de open-toe shoes. Life be good. Life by VERRA good 'cause know what? DEBABYFEET,

dey come over to play! Mon. We LOVE when debabyfeet come to play!

First thing we do is get rid of those shoes, mon! Defeet and debabyfeet like de bare feet best.

Den we like to fly! Debabyfeet like defeet to make dem fly, fly, fly. It be fun, mon.

Den we get out de bowling game. Defeet bought dis for debabyfeet and debabyfeet love it. Dey are verra good at dis game. First, dey hold de ball.

Den debabyfeet roll de ball.

Den we get out de blocks. We like to make de tower verra high, mon. Cause dat be fun!

Now, it's time for some dinner, mon. Debabyfeet like de hot dog and de macaroni and cheese. And de cookie, of course. He like de cookie verra much. Defeet might like de cookie too. I'm just sayin.

Dis be one precious foot, mon. Debabyfeet be verra, verra precious to defeet.

When debabyfeet went home, defeet had to take a little rest. Debabyfeet full of energy, mon. Dey be FULL of energy.

And in case you think debabyfeet had an issue with being photographed, this is basically what he thought of it. He thought it was HILARIOUS.


brightmyer said...

I love this blog! I did something similar, only using hands instead of feet

Jessica said...

I love these posts! Dababyfeet are very cute! I love baby feet.

Anonymous said...

We take our grandaughter's shoes and socks off first thing when she comes. Then I get lots and lots of toe sugar! Yummy.