Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lookin' Good

You think you look good when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and you are having a good hair/good face day. You know? When you hair lays just right and your face doesn't have any of those blotchy spots/dark circles, weird lines? When you have on your tight black jeans and your belly is not smooshing over the waistband and you have on your hot yellow wool, double breasted blazer with the brass buttons, and your little black boots and your matching yellow and black earrings. You think you look pretty good.

You are pretty sure you look good when two of your elementary age students comment on your earrings and tell you how pretty you look today.

You are sure you look good when several people you work with tell you how good you look.


You are positive you look absolutely, state-of-the-art fabulous when you are in the parking lot of the public library and some total stranger rolls down her window and tells you how great you look in that blazer. A total stranger.


I look good.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention, You think you look good when a certain grandson has smeared snot all across your sweater, blazer, or blouse, causing people to stare at your breasts making you thing you must have an awesome busom!

Ramblin' Red said...


Love those days, don't you? For me they are few and far between (many more smooshy waist days lately) any more :(

LOL at Anon's comment above.