Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Forgive You, BBC

OK, remember how I ranted and raved about "Torchwood" and how it was absolutely the WORST show we had ever seen? Well, the BBC has TOTALLY redeemed themselves for me now.

I was messing around on the computer the other night while Mark and Tom randomly blew up aliens downstairs (in a video game - as far as I know, there has been no alien invasion. And, if there was, Tom would be no help AT ALL. That is one thing that wigs him totally out.) and decided to go to Netflix and possibly watch some romantic movie. I scrolled around on the TV series section, just idly looking and saw a series from the BBC called "Coupling". It said it was the British version of "Friends", so I was hooked instantly and decided to check it out.

Y'all! This show is great! It's hilarious and sweet and pretty darn sexy. It is vaguely like "Friends" - it's about a group of friends and their lives and they meet regularly in a bar instead of a coffee shop. But it's different enough that it's pretty entertaining. I watched it on the instant view and then decided it was so good, Tom needed to see it too, so I added it to our queue. We had just started watching them and I thought it might be nice to get an in-depth review from a guy's point of view. So I asked him. Here is his detailed synopsis of the show.

"Clever. Funny."

So, there you have it. How much more detail could you possibly want? Apparently, it was on for four seasons and that was it, so don't fall too much in love with it. But fall a little in love. Enough to watch it. Because I think you'll like it. Let me know if you do.

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Amy said...

So glad you discovered it! I was already a huge fan, thanks to my boyfriend. See? A manly man recommended it!
Just don't fall too much in love with Jeff. He skipped out of season 4 :(

Heather said...

You know, they tried to do an American version of the show (same name and everything) and it totally bombed. I'd heard that it was a sad imitation of the original and not worth watching. Made me want to watch the original even more.