Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Mascara Smells Like Chocolate

Seriously. And let me tell you how I discovered this. Although, in the telling, I will only add to your opinion that I can, very occasionally, be a pin-headed nitwit. So, remember when we had the sewer drain backup on Thanksgiving weekend?

Once we had the carpet cleaned twice and the dehumidifier running for the weekend, everything was clean and lovely and smelled quite nice. Except for once in a while, like when you would come in from outside, you would occasionally get a whiff of a fragrance. But not an unpleasant fragrance. A sweet fragrance. Kind of like. Chocolate. I guess it was the last residue of mold that was trapped under the washer or dryer. It eventually completely disappeared. But in the meantime. Chocolate.

I sit on the (closed) toilet and apply my makeup every morning. And every morning for a long time, as I was applying my eye makeup, I would think, "Man, I can still smell that chocolate smelling mold from downstairs. It must be blowing up the heating vent."

Every morning I said this. As I applied my eye makeup.

Finally. One morning I reached to pluck off one of those mascara goblets that gets on your lashes - and I realize that a goblet is actually a glass but I think mascara goblet describes those little black globs PERFECTLY, don't you? - while at the same time holding the mascara brush near my face and I thought. Huh. That chocolate smell is really strong this morning. Then. On a whim. An impulse. A random, stray thought. I sniffed my mascara. And it smelled like?

Chocolate. Yes, indeed. Chocolate. All this time, every single, solitary time I got out my mascara and didn't realize the smell was coming from it. And this had gone on for months. Months.

But actually.

I kind of like the chocolate smell.

Although. It does make me crave a chocolate doughnut.

Just in case you think I am making this up (like I would TOTALLY do that), go to the Estee Lauder counter and ask to smell their "Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara" and let me know what you think. They won't think you are weird at all. I'm sure.

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Bunny B said...

LOL! That's funny. The same thing happened to me as well with my YSL mascara. It was a sweet smell and I didn't realize until after a few tries that it came from my mascara. Love the scent!

Jessica said...

Estee Lauder needs to market these things! I would run at a chance for some chocolate mascara!

Ariel L said...

That is just too funny!!! It certainly would've taken me FOREVER to figure that one out! Enjoy your 'doughnut' every morning!

Anonymous said...

so.....YOU got chocolate!



Rachel said...

Interesting. Chocolate mascara.. that could be a great marketing gimmick. :-)
Hi there :-) New reader.. over from BlogHerAds

Linda said...

Hilarious. It's times like these you're glad you're not the star of your own "Truman Show." Love your header, very witty.

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

I was going to ask if the mascara was old, perhaps moldy? Chocolate smelling mascara, I would eat that in a heartbeat! Yum....

Oh, I found you via Five Star Friday, great post!