Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Mother Nature,


And I don't mean that in a nice, friendly, waaaassssuuup kinda way. I mean it in a wasss-the hell-uuuup kinda way. Because this weather? This weather has GOT TO GO.

Usually by this time of year, the last few weeks of the school year, it is pretty, bright, sunny, warm, quite lovely to experience. Quite lovely. This rainy, gray, dreary, cold, quite yucky weather? This is just not acceptable.

Usually by this time of year, I have switched completely over to my lovely, lovely, bright colored open-toed slides. It may get a little cool in the morning but I persevere because open-toed slides weather has arrived and I am NOT putting those socks back on.

Mother Nature. I had to put my socks back on. I tried very hard not to but once my toes got a blue tinge in the morning, I just had to go back. It broke my heart.
We only have 11 more days of school. 11. I have more than 11 spring outfits I wanted to wear. More than 11 pairs of bright colored slides. Now what am I supposed to do? I had PLANS, Mother Nature. PLANS. And you have waylaid them. I have sundresses I have not even worn. Bright colored capris and strappy tops that have not come out of the closet. Please.

A little sun. A little warmth. For the sake of the bright colored, open-toed shoes.

I am begging you.

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Rachel said...

I would kill, well not literally... but I would ADORE 60 degree weather. We're hitting the 90's already and that doesn't bode well for the summer :-( Sorry that it's dreary though.

I love feta, too. You'll have to let me know if you try that pasta! It's fabulous and I love sharing recipes with others!! I try to share at least a couple a month. I added you to my reader too. I think your site is so fun!! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I had to put my short boots and socks back on. I am also wearing a corduory jacket. vj

Lucy's Mom said...

Our weather is also insane. Today we're heading for 100+ degrees. Three days ago? It was 48 and freezing with wild wind. Spring is nuts this year. I'm getting whiplash from changing between shorts and sweatpants....crazy!

Rachel said...

Even here in CA we had an unusually long, dreary winter. It finally broke this weekend. I would send you ten degrees if I could. :)