Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Butter Battle

So, you remember when I wrote about my Pop-Tart obsession ? Well, I was at the grocery store the other day and I found THESE.

Can you believe it? Whole grain Pop-Tarts! Healthy Pop-Tarts! And is that an oxymoron or what? Anyway, of course I had to buy them and because they are so obsessively delicious because I am concerned about your health, I decided to do a taste test to determine which Pop-Tarts tasted the best since I just happened to have the other box of regular Pop-Tarts as well. And since it was a snow day and I had some extra time on my hands.

Our two competitors. And, ironically? They are BOTH 4 Weight Watcher points. Even though the whole wheat ones have more fiber, they also have more sugar and fat. I guess to make the fiber a little more palatable.

The two competitors on a plate. The whole wheat Pop-Tarts immediately lose some points because they don't have as much icing as the cherry ones. Or spinkles.

Buttered, on a plate, ready for the taste test.

Sound a drum roll please. The taste test has begun.

Hmmmm. And nom nom nom. I do love Pop-Tarts. I was all prepared to put one of the boxes in Photoshop and drape a gold medal on it but:

  1. I don't know how to do that in Photoshop and

  2. The taste test was a tie.
Really. They taste about the same. The cherry ones are a little sweeter but the whole grain ones have that wheat taste that I like. And, since they are both the exact same number of Weight Watcher points, you might as well eat both. Or really. Neither. You should be eating some whole grain cereal and fruit. Like me.

And, in conclusion, I have to tell you a story which came to me as I was buttering my Pop-Tarts. A long, long time ago when our kids were still kids, my whole family was vacationing in a beachside condo in Pensacola. My sweet and lovely sister-in-law popped some Pop-Tarts in the toaster for her girls, took them out and PROCEEDED TO BUTTER THEM ON THE WRONG SIDE. Of course, you know and agree with me because you are my faithful readers, that you are supposed to butter your Pop-Tarts on the icing side. OF COURSE. But she buttered them on the wrong side. The plain side. And was surprised that I thought this was absolutely appalling.

So, about buttering your Pop-Tarts ON THE WRONG SIDE. I'm right, aren't I? My faithful readers. You know I am right. Please tell me so in the comments. Tell me that you butter your Pop-Tarts on the icing side and not THE WRONG SIDE. Because even though I know we are in the middle of trying to decide on the right candidate for president? We must set our priorities here. And Pop-Tarts are #1.

So? Which side? And by the way. Not to sway your vote or anything. But your hair looks REALLY pretty today.


sarah said...

so, before you even got to the big butter question, I had already decided to leave a comment...TELLING YOU THAT YOU PUT THE BUTTER ON THE WRONG SIDE!!! So, I know you were totally expecting my vote to go with my mother, I am an adult adn totally capable of making my own decisions! The butter on the correct side allows the icing to stay crunchy and sweet and in perfect form...which leads to BOTH sides having their own little treat!

Also...does everyone butter poptarts?? I bet they dont.

Nancy said...

This is the first time in my 52 year life that I've ever heard of anyone buttering a pop tart. Have I deprived myself and my family all these years???

Fancy said...

This is so funny. As I was reading your blog and I saw the picture of the buttered Pop Tarts I thought, "I cannot BELIEVE you STILL butter your pop tarts on the WRONG side!!!" If you butter the back, it keeps the icing side pretty AND makes the dry pastry side nice a buttery. YUM! I wish I had a warm, buttery, brown sugar pop tart right now. Your blog is not good for my diet!

Oh, and by the way...is it okay if I stop by your house today after work for a little visit...and maybe a pop tart!


Gary LaPointe said...

I've never seen anyone butter a Pop Tart before!

That's just weird :)

Jhianna said...

You put butter on a Pop Tart? I don't even toast them usually.

(This is something I so, so, SO didn't need to know. Mmmm, I bet they're good all warm and buttery. Gah!)

Anonymous said...

more pictures of......


I see where our daughter gets it now....from YOU. I think you evidently have too much free time on your hands in the morning. Perhaps you could sleep another 30 minutes or so...?


aclaypot4him said...

For years I fussed about Papa buttering his poptarts...so many added calories and fat...and guess what....he no longer butters them!:O) He never buttered the ones with icing...BUT when he buttered his non-iced poptarts he did butter them on the side with the holes...which would be your "right side."

Edna said...

I never butter my Pop Tarts. Sometimes I don't even toast them. You are bad because now I am craving me some Pop Tarts! Brown Sugar Cinnamon w/icing!

trinity67 said...

Buttering a pop-tart?! Hm. Okay! Whatever floats your boat!

Boo said...

Sorry Jan but you butter the wrong side! As I read your post and looked at the pictures I couldn't believe you would mess up the pretty iced side with butter! The butter goes so soothly on the non-icing side!

And for all of you "raw" poptart eaters out there...craziness!! That's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

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