Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, have you tried the new Chocolate/Cherry flavored Diet Dr. Pepper?

Oh. My. God.

This stuff is SO GOOD.

Now, granted you have to like Dr. Pepper and it would be beneficial if you also liked cherries. And, obviously, chocolate. But, really. Who doesn't like CHOCOLATE?

The nice thing about this drink is that it can actually serve as a snack when you are craving something sweet. And you don't even have to eat Crack Cookies with it. It's like a snack all by itself. Because when your brain is saying "Hey, I didn't actually have any FOOD with that particular snack", your mouth can say "Hey, yes you did! Because I have a CHERRY taste in here and also a CHOCOLATE taste and that means we just had something really good. You dork." (Because. You know. The brain can be kind of stoopid sometimes.)

So your mouth can totally FAKE YOUR BRAIN OUT. And then you don't actually eat anything at all.

And this is a good thing.


Mom2fur said...

I generally detest diet soda, but I have to say I do like Dr. Pepper. This new stuff sounds really good. Maybe I'll get brave enough to actually try it, LOL!

Edi said...

I've tried a lot of sugar free sodas and by far Dr. Pepper is the best...I need to find one of the choco-cherry ones - sounds wonderful!

Jhianna said...

I'm all for faking the brain out. I'll have to track one of these down!

Boo said...

I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper! It's my favorate drink BUT this new stuff tastes like chocolate chapstick...I'm not a fan...