Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chips And Onion Dip. Could There Possibly BE A Better Food?

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When I was in high school, or maybe sooner than that - as you know, I have no memory - I began a lifelong love affair. With chips and onion dip. I think maybe I tasted it at some party my parents had - why, I don't know. If you had looked in the dictionary at that point in my life under the heading "picky eater", you would have seen my picture.

I refused to eat tomatoes (but tomato soup was OK), sour cream, mushrooms, onions, anything that had large chunks in it, anything that looked like it might taste funny, anything that was a strange color, pretty much anything except Campbell's soup. And can I just say? When I went to college and went to the cafeteria for the first time and tried their soup and realized it was Campbell's? It was probably the most exciting experience I had in college. Including the first time I went on a date and the first time I tasted liquor. Yes, I had been rather an innocent before college.

If my husband was writing this blog, he would tell about how I tried a Big Mac for the first time on our honeymoon and loved it. Previously, I had always ordered a plain cheeseburger. Because of the pickiness mentioned above. And all the other things listed above? I love them now.

I can't believe I tried something that consisted of two of the things I hated most in the world. But I did. And I loved it. My other favorite thing at that time was vienna sausages. Sometimes I would stop on my way home from my fabulous job sorting and pricing stock in the stockroom at Mason's department store (picture a pre-Walmart store) and purchase sour cream, Lipton's onion soup, wavy chips and a can of vienna sausage. And I would have me a little snack when I got home. This was my idea of teenage heaven. I think I needed to get out more. Perhaps a lot more.

And I just remembered something else I loved from that time. Taco chips. Not nacho chips, but taco chips. They actually tasted like tacos and they were so yummy and delicious, my mouth is watering right now. Of course, it is lunchtime. They quit making taco chips at some point. I remember my mom sending me a care package to college and the taco chips were sort of smushed. I had to pour them in my mouth. And, oh you better believe I did pour them in my mouth. I still miss them.

I bought food for my party a couple weeks ago and in the shopping cart went sour cream, onion soup and wavy chips. Because really. A party is not a party at my house without chips and dip. Chips and dip have been the one food I have eaten for years and years and year. Oh. And vienna sausages. I still like those.

Why, yes. I AM quite the gourmet.


charing said...

Just wanted to say Congratulations and good luck with the new blog!

sarah said...

First off, I also LOVE the onion dip with the wavy lays. The vienna sausages I would say I do not like...but as I think about it, they may go on my list of things "I do not like that I have never actaully tried". That list is rather long....

I tried to click on the new blog link, but it wouldn't let my go!!! It said I needed a sign in and password. I am so depressed...I have been looking forward to this all week!

Ariel L said...

That's hilarious! I too am a 'picky eater'. I can't claim to really truly care of vienna sausages but they're okay with crackers. Maybe one day I'll grow up and get real taste buds.

sarah said...

Okay, I am now able to see "On the Patio"! Love it!! I would leave a comment there, but need to sign in. I will get all signed up and what not later. Just wanted to tell you it is great and I love you!

Jhianna said...

Sometimes chips (wavy kind, totally - they called them groovy back home) and dip (onion dip, the brown kind, never the white kind for me, ewww) are the only thing that will satisfy that craving.

Heather said...

Count me as another fan of french onion dip and wavy potato chips. Also, plain sour cream + Grippo's Barbecue Chips. Be still my heart.

Did you know that Dorito's now has a Taco flavored chip? Just throwing that out there if you're feeling nostalgic. ;)

trinity67 said...

1. Old Dutch has always had a taco-flavoured chip.

2. I ADORE wavy chips and onion dip. ADORE.

3. I must pause at the Vienna sausages as I've never had them however, as I am one Huge Foodie I'd really like to know what they look like.

4. I am now craving a rootbeer float. Completely unrelated I know.