Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Cheapskate's Guide to Redoing A Room For Less Than $100.

My family room furniture is a lovely, squishy, comfy set in that faux-suede stuff that cleans beautifully. It is also a neutral, putty color. I chose that color intentionally because I often like to change things up and I figured it was cheaper to buy new pillows than to buy a new couch every month or so. I'm sure Tom agrees with me. I have written before how much I like dollar stores and shopping at second hand stores like Goodwill, so you can just imagine how cheaply I can redo my living room.

When I began planning my Valentine cookie exchange party, I knew I would have to do a little redecorating before the party, although in actuality, I'm not sure my friends and family ever notice. They are rather a chatty bunch and, once we start talking, I think a rabid skunk could walk through the room and nobody would even notice. But I would notice. The decorating. And probably the skunk as well.

And so the redecorating began. I had intended to
redo my living room curtains anyway so (after finding that my FREE curtains would not work), I began browsing at Target through the clearance items with no preconceived ideas about color - I was open to anything - and found some fabulous chocolate brown sheers. I managed to hang them without hurting myself or getting them hung backwards.

OK. Yes, I DID hang them backwards but just as soon as I noticed the tag in the front, I fixed them. No problem at all.

They turned out quite nicely, but I thought they were just a little bland.

So I went back and got some cream sheers and stuck them in the middle. Still not quite right...

So I added a scarf. Ah. Perfect. Although I have to let Liz give the seal of approval before I decide I'm completely in love with how this looks.

I found some chocolate brown pillows and threw them on the couch.

And added a cream and chocolate brown throw.

I decided we might have just a little too much brown so I found an old vase and put together a pink arrangement. I keep old vases and silk flowers for just such a situation.

Then I found some dark brown baskets at Wal-Mart and added them.

And...I think I'm ready. I'll share more of my party decorations and pictures from the party on Monday. Just as soon as I finish eating all the cookies my guests will leave for me. I LOVE the whole cookie exchange idea. How else can you get people to bake cookies for you?

And the whole room? Done for quite a bit less than $100.


Ariel L said...

Looks good!! I'm all about having something nice without paying out the whazoo for it!!

sarah said...

Everything looks so wonderful!! You did great!

Anonymous said...

Your room looks fab. Can't wait to see it Saturday.