Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do You Have Any Interior Design Questions? Because I Can Help You Out.

So, I've been trying to get some curtains hung for quite a while. Quite a while. As in more than a year. Liz gave me some cast-off curtains when they changed their window dressing and that was before they moved so it had to have been...well, quite a while. Like I said.

When I bought sheer lacy curtains for the dining room and living room, I bought an extra pair for the family room. They never looked quite right. The living room and dining room have hardwood floors and oriental carpets and dark furniture and the lace curtains looked right. Kind of old-fashioned. But the family room has light oak furniture and wall to wall carpeting and a more modern feel. I never liked those lace curtains in there. So I thought about changing them and there they hung. For about 5 years or so. We often move faster than the speed of light around here.

The curtains Liz gave me were kind of a canvasy cream color with rings in the material at the top - perfect for a more casual look. All I needed was a curtain rod. I bought one rod and it was too big. A few more months went by. During this time I probably went to Wal-mart and Target and the mall approximately 4,329 times and during each of those times I could have picked up another curtain rod. But no. I didn't think about it until I was at home in my recliner looking at those damn lace curtains again. And I would make a mental note to pick up another curtain rod.

Finally. I was at
Sarah's house and she had the most perfect curtain rod and I asked her where she got it and she said Lowe's. So I made a mental note. And the next time I was out shopping, I stopped at Lowe's and bought a curtain rod. At last! I was so pleased with myself! I could hang my fabulous curtains!

So, today. I got out my trusty screwdriver, took down the old curtains, was appalled at how dusty they were (must take down the others and wash them. maybe in the next year or so I'll get to that), spent fifteen minutes attempting to get the curtain rod OUT OF THE PACKAGE, finally put up the brackets for the new, fabulous dark curtain rod and got the curtains ready to hang.

The rings wouldn't fit over the curtain rod.

The rings in my fabulous new, FREE curtains would not fit over the curtain rod I had just ripped from the package, and screwed securely to the wall.

So I guess I need some new curtains.

And I'm hoping it won't take another year.


sarah said...

Oh this is so sad...i did get my curtains at Lowes as well. I find that it is not that easy to find resonably priced simple curtains. I wanted the tab tops...I wanted a solid color...I just wanted SIMPLE! Found it at Lowes for like $15 each. Good Luck!

Jeana said...

Oh, man, does that sound like something I would do.