Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well, that was a nice little blogging vacation.

If you are a teacher, you know we love and appreciate our Christmas break, but always think...if we just had ONE MORE DAY, we would be PERFECTLY content.

Well, we got one more day today. It's a snow day. Could life possibly be any better?

I'm sure you've already heard from the entire blogging world about their Christmas vacation, blah blah, lots of family and friends time (it was WONDERFUL), blah blah, presents out the wazoo, blah bah, sleeping late, blah blah, candy, cookies, cake, pie until you just want some frackin' salad, for God's sake! And that's how it was. And now I'm back. Did you miss me?


I find it EXTREMELY ironic that my blog stats while I was on hiatus were roughly the same as when I was not on hiatus. What does this mean? Well.

Apparently, just as many people are reading my blog when I am writing daily as when I AM NOT WRITING AT ALL.

Hmmm. Hopefully, this readership was comprised of new individuals who stumbled on my blog and were catching up on all those fabulous pieces on shoes and such. Because it is just too depressing to think it is my regular (10) readers checking the blog and going "Huh. Guess she didn't write today EITHER. Guess I'll check back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next."

So. I am back. And it's been almost a year of blogging for me. I'll have a blogoversary post here pretty soon. Stay tuned. You can check back tomorrow.

I'll be here. It's a promise.


Barbara said...

I read your blogs a couple of times during the hiatus because I had time. Some school days I barely get to a computer, much less have time to read email or blogs. But during Winter Break, I did have a little free time - especially after Christmas. So it was fun to catch up.

You have so many interesting insights. I do enjoy your blog!


Nikky said...

Welcome back! I was one of them checking you (almost) daily to see when you'd be back!
Glad you had a nice break, but as a mom, I gotta say, WOW, AM I GLAD THEY'RE BACK to school!!
I still have almost 2 weeks before college classes resume, so I am enjoying the silence in my home...
glad to have you back!

jennifer said...

Welcome back!

As for the snow day, I LIVED for snow days as a kid, but even more as a teacher!