Thursday, January 10, 2008

Huh. You Really CAN Find Anything On the Internet

Tom came back in the bedroom while I was curled up in bed watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. No, he has not become an aficionado; he was just visiting. There was a scene where one of the characters was tying her dad's tie because she had printed out the directions from the Internet and she noted that you can find anything on the Internet. "That's true", Tom commented from his position with his head in my lap, having his hair stroked. Really, why would I need a dog?

Well, it's true. You truly can find anything on the Internet. Have you seen this site about reuniting lost gloves? You know how you lose that one glove? And you can never find the other one? Well, now you can find that precious lost glove. At least, you can if you live in Pittsburgh. But they are planning sites for other cities as well. I'm a little cynical about this site since they actually have a link for "Media Inquiries". But it was a clever idea. Very clever. They are planning a book, for God's sake. Why can't I think of stuff like that?

Maybe a lost sock site? Lost earring? Throw me a bone here.


Ariel L said...

You made me laugh out loud about you "need for a dog" comment. It's so true!

Regarding the website, that's a very interesting concept. Maybe they can help me find my brand new lost shoe. =\ ::sigh::

Christine said...

How about a place for all those lone shoes you see in the middle of highways...