Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gilmore Girls Has Stolen My Couth

I am very well groomed. Honestly I am. For God's sake, I wrote an entire post about choosing one outfit. But I have become obsessed with "Gilmore Girls". Obsessed, I tell you. I come home from work and when I find a Netflix DVD in the mailbox, I am gleeful. GLEEFUL, I tell you. I put on my sleeping pants and a loose top and socks and crawl into bed. Socks! I haven't worn socks to lounge around in since...well, since high school. When my parents kept the house so friggin' cold that I had to wear knee socks to bed. It was such a shock when I went to college and realized it was actually warm enough in the dorm to sleep in my bare feet. Quite lovely, it was.

But somehow socks just seem to go with the whole slob image I have going on when I am in "Gilmore Girls" mode. My hair is sticking up everywhere, I have no makeup on and I'm pretty sure there are some cookie crumbs in the sheets. I have NO IDEA how those got there. I actually got a bowl of cereal with milk and ATE IT IN BED last night while in my sleeping pants. It was granola with raisins. It was healthy. Hey. Don't judge me. But I'm sure it was quite a picture. All in all, it's a damn fabulous experience.

I have no more couth. "Gilmore Girls" has stolen it all.

And. For those of you who love "Gilmore Girls" as I do? You will totally appreciate this video.