Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Sweaters

I went shopping yesterday. I actually just had a few errands to run, returning and exchanging a couple of items, and having lunch out for a little treat. I only had one rule for myself. Absolutely, positively, no kidding, was I allowed to buy any sweaters. I have what some might consider an excessive number of sweaters.
But what is excessive, really?

To some people a dozen sweaters might seem excessive. To others...well, perhaps it's better if I don't put down exactly how many sweaters I have. I wouldn't want to give Tom cause to faint dead away in his office chair as he reads this. And I might just possibly have sweaters in similar colors that are almost identical - but not quite. Like my two light purple ones. They are cable knit turtlenecks but one is a slightly different color of purple. Completely different really. Completely.

So. No sweaters.
Well. I might, just possibly, have purchased a sweater. OK. Two. Oh, all right. For God's sake, you are a nag. Three. That's absolutely it. Just three. One might have been a black turtleneck when I actually already technically have a black turtleneck. But it does not have a cable knit design. And it was not only $10.13 ON SALE. And this one could totally be a fall back sweater. Like, what if that one gets a snag? Or is in a suitcase that gets lost? What would I do then? I would have NO BLACK SWEATER. Yeah. I see you have no answer to that. It's exactly like this one, in case you are interested in purchasing one for yourself.

And the other two? Well, I had just picked up some light blue corduroy pants at the dry cleaners and was walking through Penney's and mulling over the fact that I had no sweater that matched those pants perfectly when, LIKE A MIRACLE, I saw this sweater on the rack. At that EXACT MOMENT. Or sometime close to then. I'm sure it was the same day I was thinking about those pants. Anyway. It's a really interesting, loosely woven sweater that kind of looks like someone made it by hand. It was on sale for $13.50. So, of course I had to get the peach and gray one too. You know you would have too.

Aren't they CUTE?

And look HOW GREAT it matches the pants?

Now that I am thinking about this, these sweaters are really good investments. I mean, I can wear them all winter. And next winter too. Great investments. And the way the stock market is doing lately? This may be the best investments I've made lately.


Barbara said...

Good investment!