Monday, January 14, 2008

What A Feeling!

So, I was just taking down my Christmas decorations and...what? It's three weeks after Christmas? Yes? What's your point? Oh, you don't HAVE ONE? I didn't THINK so. Anyway. I was taking down my decorations and I put the music channel on cable TV. Suddenly, in the midst of taking down my wee Christmas village, "Flashdance - What A Feeling" came on.

I. I was possessed. I had to dance. And I ran in the family room. And I danced. I danced to the ENTIRE song. I shimmied, I shook, I jumped, I kicked. I sweat.

I think I may have hurt myself. Just a little bit.

Dance. You know you want to.


sarah said...

I am sure you looked exactly like that when you danced...wish I could have been there!

Nikky said...

oh, that is a great "must dance" song!
Mine is Little Willie by Sweet... hmmm I think I have to charge up the ol' iPod so I can hear it again.
great video!

Christine said...

I seriously thought I could skip like that!