Thursday, January 3, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

I have experienced many perfect days. Eating in Puerto Vallarta. Wearing the perfect outfit. Any day with my grandson. But I believe yesterday approached perfection in many ways. Let me just bullet them for you.

  • Instead of going back to school, we had a snow day. A SNOW DAY. Added to our Christmas vacation. As a bonus. And they decided the night before. So I never even set my alarm.

  • I got the first DVD of Season 5 of Gilmore Girls in the mail. And let me just say? I am still annoyed you did not tell me about this show. It is quite simply fabulous. I put on my boots and parka (0ver my pajamas) and got it out of the mailbox. Bless Netflix. Bless them, I say.

  • I had candy left over in my Whitman's Sampler.

  • I had leftover snacks from our New Year's Eve Lord of the Rings extravaganza. Yes, we watched all three movies in our pajamas on New Year's Eve. We live on the edge.

  • I took the DVD, my leftover snacks, my candy and a big glass of Diet Mountain Dew in bed with me. I popped in the DVD, pulled up the covers and didn't get out of the bed for about four hours. Aside from bathroom breaks.

  • Could life POSSIBLY get any better?

  • I didn't think so.


Sharon said...

Sounds perfect to me! Think I'll go look in the refrigerator.... said...

You are truly a blessed woman. Now if Clive Owen just happened by ...

Nikky said...

This does sound like the perfect day. I've had a couple of those, but they are few and far between. But maybe that's what makes them even more perfect!