Thursday, April 12, 2007

Great Day in the Morning!

I have a new outfit on today. It's a turquoise and white Linen pant suit and I look pretty fabulous. I laid it out on my bed yesterday and carefully matched my little turquoise silk slides and turquoise earrings I bought in Mexico. I look fabulous. Oh. I already said that. But I do. Several people have complimented me today. I need compliments to feel COMPLETELY fabulous.

I love having a new outfit to wear. I had no problem at all getting up today. When the alarm went off, I thought Grrrrumph. Ya know? Then I thought, Hey, I have a new outfit to wear today. And I jumped right out of bed. It's a great feeling. A happy feeling. I love new clothes. When people say they don't like shopping (!), I just stand there in amazement, completely perplexed. I LOVE shopping. I love trying on clothes, buying clothes, planning my outfits, and then wearing them! It's just so fabulous. Apparently, that is the word of the day.

I've always loved clothes. My mom was always really very well dressed and well groomed when I was young (and now!) and took me shopping, taught me how to shop and how to wear clothes beautifully. We used to go to the mall and have lunch in one of the fancy department stores. Do you remember that? All the big department stores had their own little restaurants or tea shops. It was so cool to go shopping and then go to lunch at, say, Bambergers. They don't have those any more. Just food courts. Not nearly as classy.

I bought several things when I bought my turquoise and white outfit. I'm going to space them out and wear something new each week. It will help me get going in the morning.

We have 7 weeks until summer vacation.

I think I need some more new clothes.


Anonymous said...

Your outfit sounds fabulous! I know you must look devine in it. Where's the picture?
Raggedy Ann

Anonymous said...

Bambergers! There's a blast from the past.

Nikky said...

OO! I agree, where's the picture?
I always love shopping for vacation clothes! It's just another way to be someone else on vacation... completely relaxed and looking fabulous!!
My mom and I used to do those all day shopping trips when I was a teen, then do Red Lobster for lunch, wow, I miss that.
I'm going to go call her, see what she's doing Saturday!