Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Things We Do For Love

I can't believe what I just did. I was sitting at my computer at home in my bare feet and rolled the chair forward slightly with one foot wrapped around the chair leg. The roller on the leg caught on my ankle bracelet, snapped it off and shot it so hard it hit the back of the desk. I had to get on my hands and knees to find it. Is that a fluke accident or what?

I'm so annoyed. I can't believe I broke this silly thing again. I broke it two summers ago by catching it with my thumb as I pulled off a sock.

Tom loves this ankle bracelet. For some reason, it's just something he just really likes. A bare leg, bare foot and that gold ankle bracelet. When it broke the first time, we had to take it to a jewelry store and get it fixed. We went together to pick it up and he urged me to put it on right there. I had to sit down in the mall and fasten it around my ankle. He smiled when he saw it on my ankle.

I guess I'll have to get it fixed again. At this point, it might be cheaper to get another ankle bracelet. But I like this one. I bought it one time in Destin when Liz and I were shopping together. We both got one but hers stretched out for some reason. I still have mine. It was before she was married and had Wesley. It was just the two of us on a hot Florida day, shopping and having fun. I like to remember that day so I keep and wear the ankle bracelet.

And Tom loves it. So, I guess I'm heading to the jewelry store this afternoon to get it fixed. I hope they can do it pretty fast. I wouldn't want him to miss out on a day of me wearing the ankle bracelet. It's the simple things. The things we do for love.


Nikky said...

That is sweet... that's why I keep my hair long, too... because he likes it. It doesn't matter to me, but it matters to him, so I let it grow.