Thursday, April 5, 2007

Why We Share

I wrote kind of a silly, but fun blog post yesterday about breaking my ankle bracelet. And then I was thinking about how I wanted to post that right after it happened. Why we blog. Why we post. Why we share.

This is why we blog. Why we post. Why we share. To make us think about things. To make other people think about things. And then I was wondering, what might people have thought who read that particular blog post?

1. I can't believe she is writing about breaking her ankle bracelet when there are people starving in the world. SHE IS SO SHALLOW.

2. Wow, that exact thing happened to me. It's such a small world.

3. I'm glad someone else is that klutzy. I thought it was just me.

4. Ooooooh, I need an ankle bracelet.

5. Bare legs. Boy, I need to shave mine.

6. Bare feet. Man, I need a pedicure.

7. It's nice that she is so close to her family. I'm glad my family is that close too.

8. It's nice that she is so close to her family. I would give anything to have a family like that.

9. She really loves her husband. I am so very lucky to have mine. I need to go tell him.

10. She really loves her husband. I wish I could find someone to love. This gives me hope.

11. She really loves her husband. Mine died last year. But this makes me appreciate him even more.

12. She really loves her daughter. Maybe I should call Rebecca and apologize. I miss her.

13. If she can write about something like this, maybe I can write too. I think I'll try.

So, what are you thinking?


Lucy's Mom said...

I'm thinking how impressed I am that you manage to post EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY. I just can't manage it and I know you have a busier life than I do. In regards to your earlier post about what you might be capable of today; it's hard for me to remember that painfully shy young girl. You are such a confident, capable woman; I think you could do absolutely anything you put your mind to. What do you want to do that you haven't done yet? Another post....

Elizabeth said...

I am thinking that I am jealous of your model-like fabulous feet. Oh, if only you passed beautiful feet to me instead of sensitive skin...
If only. -sigh-

Nikky said...

I think my thoughts on your ankle bracelet post were closest to your example #9, and I posted about it anyway on that post!

That's the thing too, I read the blogs of others because they either make me laugh, or think about things in my own life.
It's becoming addictive!!

Heather said...

Thinking...I just got a pedicure last weekend. And then it snowed for four days and nobody got to see the fabulous paint job on my toes. Obviously, the universe is out to get me. Because, you know, it's all about ME. ;)