Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Beautiful, Glorious Earrings"

I am wearing some absolutely darling coral slides this morning. I would take a picture, but I think that might just send Tom over the edge. To take another picture of my foot. They are gathered over my toes in a little knot and have a platform heel. They are darling. Darling, I tell you.

But this post is not about shoes. I've already done that. This is about earrings.

"I want them.
I need them.
I love them.
I say earrings!
Beautiful earrings.
Glorious earrings.
Beautiful, glorious earrings for pierced ears."*

When I laid out my clothes last night - my camel slacks, my new coral and camel sweater (what? I told you I needed more new clothes.) and my darling coral shoes, I was annoyed to discover I had no coral colored earrings.

Now, I realize in a world where drought and hunger are an everyday way of life for some people, except those Angelina seems to be continually adopting, this may seem like a minor annoyance.

Well, OK, it is a minor annoyance.

But this is my blog and I get to write about my minor annoyances.

I have a thing for shoes. We all know this. I admit it. But what is little known is that I also have a thing for earrings. I looooove them. I have tons of them. I have many, many colors. Many. Many. I honestly had to buy a wooden chest to hold my earrings. I'm not talking about some teeny tiny chest that sits on a table top - oh, no, this is an actual, rather large piece of furniture. I have large hoops and small hoops, hoops of every color, dangling ones and ones that perch right on your ear, like a lovely, tropical butterfly. And many colors. Again, in case you didn't grasp it, many. But, apparently, no coral ones. I have some LIGHT coral ones. Almost salmon. But my sweater and shoes are a DARK coral. The LIGHT coral ones were quite simply, unacceptable. Obviously.

Sigh. I had to wear gold hoops. They look nice. They look pretty. But they are not coral. I NEED coral. I think a shopping trip is in order, don't you? I knew you would agree. We are so simpatico.

And I'll tell you something else. If anyone ever comes to my school looking for the person who has matching underwear, darling shoes and earrings which coordinate with her outfits? They will give me some really great prize. The likelihood is slim, I grant you. But I am ready. Just in case.

And then won't you be jealous.

One of my friends just came in and commented on my cute shoes. I puffed up with pride and then she said idly "And your toes! They match perfectly!". Uh, EXCUSE ME. My toes are ORANGE. They coordinate beautifully. But they do not MATCH. They are not CORAL. Of course, I didn't say anything. My mama didn't raise no rude girl.

God. Some people. Can you believe it?

*Quote is from "Earrings", by Judith Viorst


Barbara said...
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Anonymous said...

It's okay to add gold hoops with coral. You don't want to over due the coral. What color eye shadow are you wearing? hehe
Raggedy Ann

sarah said...

sad to say, but I wear the same pair of earrings ALL THE TIME. I wear them to bed, in the shower...even in the wedding! Nick gave them to me and I love I am to lazy to change.