Friday, April 13, 2007

Make a Difference

Life is so strange, isn't it? It's full of mysteries, happy chances and coincidences. Remember the post I wrote about my neglected little student?

A friend of mine sent this movie to me today. When I commented that it was considerate of her to send that after reading my blog post, she told me she had not read my blog post yet. Mysteries, happy chances and coincidences.

I'll try harder to make a difference today.

Maybe we all can. I hope so.


Elizabeth said...

OMG!! That is so sweet-great-heart warming!
You need to add a warning to not look at it at work! Here I am at my desk wiping TEARS OFF MY FACE!!

Lucy's Mom said...

That was one of the most powerful movies I can ever recall seeing. As a teacher, it is truly inspiring. I've thought, casually, of the impact we have on other's lives and how one little thing you do or don't do can change so much for another person. This really brings that point home. Kids, at any age, always need help, guidance and inspiration. You have made me more empathetic to my own, older, students. No matter what your age, another's actions can change your life. I was in my 50's when I met my "best teacher ever" and look where I ended up because of him. Thanks for posting this, you have really made me think.

The coincidence of you receiving this after just writing about your own "Teddy" is truly amazing. Possibly a message from "on high"??

Anonymous said...

So sweet.

And Jennifer, this story reminds me of your "Valentine" boy.

Sometimes you don't even know when you are making a difference. Every child deserves a chance.


boo said...

That is such a powerful story. I've read it before but the movie version is really wonderful!! It made me cry too!!