Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just A Glass of Ice, Please

I really don't think it's too much to ask for. I like ice. Lots of ice. A glass full of ice. Often, when I order iced tea in a restaurant, I will ask for a glass of ice. I like to add it to my iced tea when the ice melts slightly. It's a Southern thing, I think. It has to do with the heat and humidity. We are a people who like lazy summers in a porch swing and a tall glass of fresh lemonade packed with ice.

So it is somewhat disconcerting that I can't get ice lately. I have an ice bucket at school which I normally fill with ice every morning. If I get a hankering (did you forget I was Southern) for some iced water, iced tea or a Diet Pepsi with some ice, there you go. I had all I needed. The other day I went to fill my ice bucket and the cafeteria lady informed me the ice machine was broken. I went back the next morning and she informed me it was still broken. By the third day, I was a desperate woman. I was drinking cold Diet Pepsi straight from the can. From the can, I tell you. Is there anything worse?

Unfortunately, there is. The ice machine won't be fixed by the end of the school year. They may have to buy a new one. I thought that was absolutely the worst news.

Then I got home the other night. The icemaker on our refrigerator is broken. It's not filling with water. Must be some kind of clog or something. Who knows. The refrigerator repairman can't come until Tuesday. A whole weekend without ice. I just had some popcorn and a Diet Pepsi, swigged straight from the can. This is not the life for a Southern woman. Something has to give. We may just have to eat dinner out every night. So I can have some freakin' ice.

Hey...things are looking up.


Elizabeth said...

This looks like an excuse to buy a new side by side fridge with the ice in the door like you wanted!!

sarah said...

I hate to break it to you, but there is a little device...called an ice tray! I do feel for you because god knows i love my ice. You can always just pick up a bag to get you to sucks denying that!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand......why don't you stop on the way to work and buy you a large cold bag of ice at the convenient mart and hid it in the school's walkin.
Raggedy Ann

Anonymous said...

hide :)

Anonymous said...

Ice, Ice??? what is that???


Lucy's Mom said...

I'm with you. Gotta have that big tall full up glass of ice to enjoy the drink. Get a new fridge. I have the ice in the door and it's wonderful, fantastic, amazing, convenient, etc. etc.