Friday, April 6, 2007

Mutant Growth Hormone

Dude. The dandelions.

This happens every year. They spring up OVERNIGHT and they are everywhere. This is my front yard. Overnight, I'm telling you.

Tom used to be obsessive about our lawn. He fertilized, killed the weeds and mowed. Now, he mows. And complains about that. Our lives have changed and other things have become more important to him. Playing video games, for instance.

When I went to get the mail and saw the dandelions, it got me to thinking. If they came up overnight, why can't other plants do that? Wouldn't it be cool to plant a tomato plant, then have fresh, sliced tomatoes for lunch the very next day? That would be so great. But...I'm thinking about those science fiction movies with the giant bugs now...there is always a price to pay for things like mutant growth hormones. Like the tomatoes would probably cause us to grow a third ear in the back of our head or something.

So, I guess I'll wait until I can get fresh tomatoes at the farmer's market this summer. 'Cause those grocery store tomatoes? Might as well eat a piece of plastic fruit.

But, I still think...wouldn't it be cool?


Nikky said...

Dandelions or no, your lawn is BEAUTIFUL! Compared to mine, which is STILL covered in snow... it looks like paradise to me!!

I can't wait til I have grass, and I can MOW!!

sarah said...

we have them popping up now too! I hate them. You will have to come to the farmers market by my house! You can even park at my house, and then walk down there and feel all earth friendly not pulling up in your car. I even took Wes down there last summer. It was great!