Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Not Quite Right

I looked over my blog posts last night to see which one I wanted to put up today. Shoes, clothes, earrings, trips, stories that make me look good? Stories that make me look bad? But in a way others can share. And maybe have a laugh with me. I hadn't quite decided.

Then kids died at Virginia Tech. Just going about their lives. Planning to grab a burger for lunch. To meet a friend to study later. To call mom when they got back to the dorm and wish her a happy birthday.

And none of my posts seemed quite...right. Quite...respectful.

I think I'll just meditate instead on my family and my friends. How much I love them. How lucky I am to have them. How life can change catastrophically in an instant, from one heartbeat to the next. From one indrawn breath to the next. I'll just take a moment.

How about if we take one together?


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