Monday, April 16, 2007

I Simply Can't Believe I Did That

Well, I have had a horrifying experience this morning. HORRIFYING, I tell you.

I laid out my clothes last night - stretchy black turtleneck, black and white jacket, jeans and closed toe black slides. Suddenly, it's Winter again around here. I have several pairs of these same shoes in different colors. But, of course, you knew that.

I was walking in to school this morning, looked down and realized, in the dimness of the closet, I had accidentally picked out the navy pair, instead of the black. The NAVY pair instead of the BLACK. I was appalled. I can't believe it. My day is ruined.

Although,'s hard to tell they are navy. Maybe nobody will notice.

But, of course, since I just told the world, it might be hard to keep the secret.

And, incidentally, it could be worse. My niece Jennifer also has some shoes that are the same and she looked down one day and realized she had worn two shoes to school that WERE DIFFERENT COLORS.

At least mine are the same color. Things could always be worse.


sarah said...

Oh yes, the two colors is also a funny story. As she walked it was brown, black, brown, black....but Navy is also very sad...I am sure it is a VERY dark navy and nobody will have any idea!

Anonymous said...

I'll alert the media...

It might be prudent for you to call a press conference and do some damage control....?