Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Imelda's Got Nothing On Me

I just realized this is my second blog post about shoes. I'm not sure what that says about how shallow I am. But I think it says I'm pretty shallow. Shallow but fabulous, dahling. 'Cause my feet look great!

I'm looking at my pretty pink toes peeking out of my slides right now. The weather has changed overnight and it's warm enough to get out all my slides and wear them. We went from boot weather to slide weather virtually overnight. Luckily, I have a fresh pedicure and bright pink toes.

And now, confession time. I have...a lot of shoes. First, I typed "too many" and then I thought, really, what IS too many? Who says that? They fit in my closet, don't they? I wear them all, don't I? I LOVE them, don't I? Well, then, I don't have too many. Do I sound a tad defensive? Well, maybe that's because I really do have...a lot.

See? (And that's really just a few of them...)
I have almost every color. And more than one of some colors. Like the green ones. I have two pairs that are a lime green color. OK, once I got my shoes out to take the picture...I have three lime green pairs. But one pair is kind of dressy and the other pair has a platform bottom. And the other pair...well, I just liked them, OK? They are TOTALLY different, OK?
And I don't have a yellow pair. That has actually been bothering me. I NEED a yellow pair. I'm not sure I have an outfit that would go with a yellow pair, but I still NEED a yellow pair. Because I don't have one. You know?

I have actually said this before, but here's my philosophy about shoes. If the shoe fits, buy it in every color.

I love shoes. But there is just something about slides. They are just...summer. Like fresh lemonade with slices of lemon floating in it. Like the smell of the swimming pool when you go for the first swim of the year. Like the sound of hamburgers sizzling and popping on the hot grill on the deck. Like the feel of the hot sun on your face at the farmer's market.

So I admire my toes. I revel in the sight of my bare feet in my slides. It is a happy moment. A blissful moment. A summer moment.
And yet another reason to love my husband. He took a picture of my foot for me without complaining about it or lecturing me on the silliness of it. Just took it. Then retook it because I said it didn't look right. What a man.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, I have as many, if not more!
I still need yellow too, so if you see some, pick them up for me too!

Nikky said...

you people with little feet... make me sick. I cannot find such cute shoes (and they really are) in my size...just looks like the Shrine Circus took over a Navy gunboat!

You have really pretty painted toes, I am jealous!

zoot said...

OH MY GOD. You would probably die if you saw my close and it's lack of cute shoes. I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

And looking at your foot/leg reminds me of something. "Isn't it about time for you to put on my favorite little ankle thingy...(?)"


Lucy's Mom said...

I'm really glad you wrote this post so now I know that I'm not the only Imelda in the family! I have so many pairs of shoes it's embarrassing (sort of) but I LOVE shoes and I so agree with you - if the shoe fits, buy it in every color. I also LOVE sandals and slides and the whole summertime thing. Although I don't have every color, I think I do have every style! I'm not quite as into being coordinated as you are - remember the underwear? - but if they are sharp looking to my eye and comfortable on top of that, I will FIND something they will go with and I am so buying them. Need is a relative term anyway!

Back Nine said...

When the Mister and I married, I added to his vows that he would love, honor, and kill all the spiders. I didn't even think of "and never, ever suggest one doesn't need yellow shoes." What a wardrobe you have ... and what a man!