Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If It Bleeds, Ve Can Kill It!

I admitted in my last post that I am a geek. I didn't even want to get into a whole other component of my geekdom, which includes the fact that I am also a movie geek. Luckily, the rest of my family are also movie geeks. We love, passionately adore and worship movies. We are such geeks that we have lines we can recognize from movies. Lines that can evoke a memory, make us sad, fire us up, or make us roll on the floor with laughter. Lines that are recited at the drop of a hat to cover pretty much any situation. Lines like these. If you get 10 out of 10, you are also a movie geek. A dubious distinction, to be sure. Comment if you get them all. You may win...well, actually nothing. But my respect. And the label of fellow movie geek.

1. If it bleeds, ve can kill it.

2. That's not a knife. This is a knife.

3. Shoot heeeerrrrr!

4. Guess we're gonna need another FBI guy, huh?

5. Fix bowl. Back in bowl.

6. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. That's the only way to be sure.

7. Anybody else want to negotiate?

8. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you.

9. I gotta get me one of these!

10. I'll cup my hands like this and go Caw! Caw!

Now, the last one is actually the object of this post. Oh, you thought the object was movie quotes? Nah, that was just for fun. And to create a segue into the object. Wasn't that suave of me?

Tom and I are seriously, whacked-over-the head, in love with Smallville. Our son (the same one who got us hooked on Buffy and Angel - he is our supplier) recommended it and we are chugging along in Season 2 on DVD.

AAAAAnnnyway. On one of the first episodes, they showed the school football team's name and they are the Crows. (sidenote - is that a TERRIFYING name for a school football team or what? What,they're gonna peck you to death? Oh, yeah. That did happen in a movie. Whatever.)

So, immediately, Tom turns to me and goes "Caw! Caw!". Of course, I crack up because I know just what scene in what movie he means. And now it has gone into the annals of silliness which is just the way life progresses around our house.

Every time we watch the show, we find some occasion to say Caw! to each other. It's amazing the number of inflections you can put on a word. It can be sarcastic, tender, sad, wistful, funny. And now Caw! has moved out into the real world. Perhaps you have noticed the Caw! on some comments. Yeah, that's him.

I took a group of my students to a technology fair on Saturday and took our laptop with me to show the movies they had created. Tom packed it up for me. When I opened the laptop at the fair, there was a yellow post-it note stuck to the keyboard. It said.


I love that man.


Anonymous said...

You need to have:
#11. Did you bring me a monkey?


Mrs. Who said...

I am ashamed. I can't BELIEVE I forgot that one!!!! We use it all the time!

(From Multiplicity, with Michael Keaton)

Anonymous said...

I got them all, but then you KNEW
I would, right...(?)