Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Omeletes Were FABULOUS

When we went on our first cruise, lo these many years ago, everything was so new and exciting. Our room had a window! We had a bed! We had a bathroom! We could order room service and NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. (Of course, in reality, we had paid about $5,000 for it, but that's not the point.) And, when we went to breakfast that first morning, they had an OMELET BAR. Oh, my God. We could order a fresh, homemade omelet of our very own. We could choose whatever fresh ingredients we wanted and they would make an omelet for us. For each of us. Our very own. We had omelets every day.

They were FABULOUS. And then we went on our next cruise. And our next. And our next. And we had breakfast at the downtown Hyatt in Louisville and they had an omelet bar. I learned how to make omelets at home. They became...not so fabulous. They are still really good. We love omelets. But not so fabulous. They will never be as fabulous as they were on that first cruise. The novelty. The taste. The entire experience. It's kind of sad.

We have become jaded with omelets. I worry about this. I can see why movie stars and other famous people travel the world, vie for the ultimate, exhilarating experience, buy the next best thing or have ten-second relationships. They are jaded. I don't want to be jaded. I want everything to be as exciting as it was the first time. I realize that's just not realistic.

But it makes me sad.


Nikky said...

Oh, all this talk about omlettes, makes me miss my hubby even more! He is THE breakfast chef around here, omlettes, cheesy hash browns, sausage... my mouth is watering just thinking about his luscious....COOKING!
I am so spoiled in the omlette dept, so I can definately relate!!