Monday, March 12, 2007

Hey, Mimi, LOOK!

When my grandson, Wesley, was born, my friend Vicki gave me a little pillow that says "When a Child is Born, So is a Grandmother". Luckily, that job comes with a Tonka truck full of patience, because I needed it this weekend. Wesley came to stay for the night. Now, he IS only 15 months old, so he can't exactly talk yet (although Tom and I swear he said Tatooine the last time we had him - we think he's going to be a big Star Wars fan.) so keep in mind that everything in italics is only in my mind. Or maybe his too. One never knows.

Mimi, look, I can open the front door!
Look, Mimi, look, I can close the front door!
Hey, hey, hey, Mimi, I can open the front door!
And, you might have missed it - look, I can close the front door!

Hey, Mimi, you know those two stools you had loosely arranged in front of the doorway so I couldn't get to the hall and living room? You know how those worked last week when I was so much smaller? Not so much now. Look, I can crawl right under this one! Look, Mimi, my head fits right under here! Look how fast I can walk, Mimi! Wow, this paper tears really easily, doesn't it??

Mimi, chase me! Mimi, catch me and tickle my belly! Kiss my neck and blurble it and make me shriek! Mimi, nibble my leg and make me laugh. Mimi, chase me! Mimi? Mimi, why are you lying on the floor? Get up and play with me!

No, I don't want that pacifier! No, no, no, no, no! I know what that means! That means I'm supposed to take a nap. No, no, no, no, no, no. Wow, Mimi, that really hit the wall hard didn't it? Man, I can can really thrown, can't I, Mimi? Don't I look sweet when I am sleeping, Mimi?

Yes, I want those yogurt covered raisins. Yum, yum, yum. I want some in each hand. I wonder how many I can fit in my mouth at one time? I wonder if I can fit both hands in there too? Hey, Mimi, look, I can!

Look, Mimi, I can put this toy in the tub! And this one! And this one! Look how high I can splash the water, Mimi! Splash, splash, splash! Aw, do I have to get out now, Mimi? Do I have to get dressed? I like to run around naked, Mimi!

Good morning, Mimi! I am so glad to see you. See this smile? See how sweet I am? Yeah, it's still dark outside, but let's play! And I'm hungry! Can I have some pancakes???

Look, Mimi, look at this toy! Look, Mimi, I can get this one out too! Look, Mimi, I can get out more toys! Look, Mimi, I can get EVERY SINGLE TOY out of my toy basket! Wow, Mimi, look how many toys I have! Look, they are all over the living room! Hey, Mimi, can you get the Tupperware bowls out for me? And the big plastic spoon? 'Cause I have nothing to play with, Mimi.

Look, Mimi, it's Mommy and Daddy! Mimi, why are you so sleepy? Are you going to take a nap now? You can borrow my pacifier, if you want.

I love you too, Mimi. I'll see you soon.


Nikky said...

OH, I LOVE this!! Somehow, I think you have managed to break the language barrier and grasped exactly what those little ones are thinking!
I remember my own kids being like that, SO glad it's over. Now I move on to bigger and better (?) issues as they have started being teenagers.

Anonymous said...

That one made me tired just reading it.


Anonymous said...

He is so much fun! And it sounds like you are great entertainment.