Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Match Game

I always wear matching underwear. Bra, panties - they ALWAYS match. Not just white with white or black with black, but the same pattern, same design, matching. What can I say? I like them to match. I think it's a knee-jerk reaction to being so poor in the past. Back in the day, I worried about keeping my children clothed and fed and whether my underwear was freshly washed and hole-free. I did not worry about whether it matched. Now that I can afford nice underwear, I buy it. I have an underwear addiction to go along with my pajama addiction. If I could live in lingerie, I would seriously consider it. But only around the house. I don't wear my sleepwear to Wal-Mart, like some people.

But, getting to the point. Why is it so hard to find matching underwear? I'm not talking to you slim, 20-somethings who wear those panties so tiny I have to put my reading glasses on to even see. There's always plenty of those in the store, in darling prints and colors with the matching tiny bras. I'm talking to those other middle-aged women who wear high-cut briefs in the larger sizes. Even if (when) I lose those extra pounds, my hips are still gonna be wide. After bearing two children who pushed them apart with their little chubby hands in their rush to get out in the world, those hips ain't going back. Hence, the need for the larger panties. And they have to be roomy in the butt. Don't you hate those panties (and bathing suits) that are cut up high in the back and you have to keep pulling at them in a vain effort to cover that pasty white cellulite?

There is no lack of bras for us in the stores. Rack after rack of bras. And a minuscule number of those racks have the matching panties behind the bras. An even smaller number of those panties are high cut briefs. And then you get to the minuscule number (usually one - and that woman who gets there before me? And buys that pair? May they shrink up until she can't draw a deep breath.) in the larger sizes. AND. They don't always have matching panties for every color.

I just bought a beautiful, well-fitting set of a black bra and panties. They had the same bra in about four other colors. But the panties? Not so much. In fact, not. I checked with the salesgirl to be sure and yeah, they just don't always send panties to match all the bras. Here's my question.


We women who buy that nice, large size lingerie in classy department stores that you can't ever get on sale - hey, we are the ones with the money! We are the ones with grown children who have time to shop and try on clothes! We are the ones who are travelling and need nice, new lingerie to model for our husbands in our cabin on the ship. OK, that's a lie. Our husbands (and guys in general) really don't care about nice, matching underwear. They don't actually care about underwear. If we would do away with underwear completely, that would be fine with them. In fact, they would prefer it. The underwear is for us. And, if we are going shopping or on a trip with our friends, to show off for them.

So, how about making more high-cut briefs to match those bras? In every, single color? And can you make even more panties in the larger sizes to match those bras? So if that woman gets to the store before me, I can still buy a pair?

That woman really pisses me off. And her butt looks really big in those jeans.


sarah said...

hehehe...very funny. I am always amazed with (number one) the fact that you match up the bra and panties, and (number two) that they would ever have more choices in bra's than panties...I mean, bra's are so much more expensive! But you are totally right. I myself have switched over to the VS Pink line for almost all panties. They are adorable, comfortable and Nick could care less about my love for cotton panties, so I go with it. now, there are no bra's to match, but I don't have that addiction. I do have a pair that says "my dog is cuter than your dog"...they are my fav's!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that I really enjoy my lingerie as well. I used to buy all my bras at VS until I discovered the wonderful, comfortable, sexy, lacey Sweet Nothings Bra at Walmart - Love them! I have purchased 3 and plan to buy a couple of the new bright spring colors too. As far as panties, I don't have to match the design, but I do like to match the colors. Raggedy Ann

Nikky said...

My mother has the same fetish about every once in a while to freak her out, I flash pink polka dot panties and black lace bra...
I will agree with you on finding good panties tho...I have an issue with spreading out a bit in the hip/arse region (3 kids, ranging from 8 1/2 lbs to 11 lbs) so I always have trouble finding panties that cover the spread!
I think we should start a petition!

Lucy's Mom said...

I'm with Nikky and the pink polka dot panties and black lace bra. Who cares? I don't and the spouse doesn't and the dogs don't, so I go the clean and hole free route and to hell with matching. I MIGHT occasionally match the colors, more or less, but the patterns are impossible. The only way I can more or less "match" with no effort is all white or all black and how boring is that? I like COLOR!! Once I discovered Hanes Just My Size panties, I never looked for anything else. I don't know if they even make bras!! I suppose if I could EASILY find cute, comfortable, affordable, matching sets in plus sizes, I might wear them. But I can't, so I don't. Nuff said.

Teaque said...

OK so do you remember my post awhile back when I said what a nice way to leave funny little stories for your grandchildren to read and get to know you better?? Well, maybe this is one of those that should have a warning on it. Could you imagine your grandson reading this - would HE not die of embarassment. OH HOW FUNNY!!! You are such a hoot! oh and BTW - I was at an elementary school the other day and one of the volunteers was wearing, you guessed it, her pink fuzzy slippers while WORKING at the school!! Thought of you and how much you so love that.

mom huebert said...

You are so right about men's attitude toward underwear. Last winter I decided to celebrate being feminine and bought some sexy underwear (instead of the practical stuff I usually buy). I thought maybe it would add some pizazz to our private life. I discovered Hubby never even noticed. He notices more when I skip the underwear altogether....

Oh well, practical underwear is cheaper!

john said...

I'm a husband who just finished reading your post. And the single thing that struck me most is ur belief that men really dont care about women's underwear or lingerie. cos men realy do care! they love to see their woman in sexy things and it realy turns on a lot of men. n i like it when my girl matches bra n panty, bt unfortunately she's not into it that much. i understand.. :)
anyway, ur post was fun to read!