Monday, January 29, 2007

Sleepwear at Walmart

Did y'all get the memo that it's now OK to wear your slippers to Walmart? You didn't? Hmm. Neither did I. But, apparently, SEVERAL other people got that memo. Every time I go to Walmart, I see some lady (I use this term loosely) with her bedroom slippers on. Now, these are not, like, slides or thongs, that you could get away with wearing as slippers at home. No, I'm talking about fuzzy slippers that can not be mistaken for anything else. It doesn't seem to matter what season it is, either. I have seen them worn in high, hot summer and icy cold winter. Saw some just the other day.

What's next? Will it become OK to wear your pajamas to the mall? (On second thought, maybe that's not a bad idea. I do love pajamas. OK, get a grip.) Your underwear to the grocery store?

This is an issue that bothers me. It does not bother my husband. He is just waiting for me to tell him it's OK for him to wear his sleeping pants and gray t-shirt when we go out to eat. And that reminds me of another dressing down or barely dressing issue.

What happened to dressing up to go out? To go to the movies, to a restaurant, to the mall, to travel? I'm not talking about jeans. Everyone wears jeans now. I wear jeans now. Although, I do think wearing jeans to a Broadway show is a little tacky, as we witnessed in New York. But there are jeans and there are jeans. There are clean, nicely fitting jeans worn with a pretty top or sweater and cute boots or slides, depending on the season. Then there are dirty jeans that some guy wore to work at the construction site, then sashayed on into O'Charley's to grab a bite to eat. Possibly some road-kill possum.

Do people even put any thought into this? When I go out, I take a shower, do my hair, put on makeup and dress in the outfit I have selected. Apparently, this is just WAY too much effort for some people.

I have seen people at the movies in sloppy sweatpants and a too-big t-shirt and dirty thong sandals. Did you LOOK in the mirror before you left home? You are not watching a move on the DVD player in your living room, you know.

And don't even get me started on how people look when they are travelling now. My mama taught me you always look presentable when you are travelling. You wear something nice that matches. You do not wear torn blue jean shorts. You do not wear old sandals that show your dirty feet. You do not carry your clothes in a brown paper grocery bag. (OK, I haven't actually seen that, but it wouldn't surprise me.)

Maybe it's my age. Maybe everyone dresses more casually now. But I know that's not really it. My daughter and my nieces always dress nicely, even when they are dressing casually. I don't know what it is.

Do you?


sarah said...

This has always amazed me. It used to drive me crazy when people wore sleeping pants and house slippers to class. Really??? Does it take that long to drop the flannel cloud covered pants and throw on some jeans?? I can tell you it takes about 15 sec.

LizzyBee said...

Yes apparently we didn't get the memo about the sleeping pants being okay attire at Wal-Mart or even the mall either. When we went shopping the other day, I saw a woman in her slippers and sleeping pants. They were definitely sleeping pants, not sweat pants. Sweat pants/jogging suit I think are okay. I am not comfortable in that type of thing in a public place.

Mrs. Who said...

Ok, I'm going to have to pay more attention. I have not noticed the sleeping pants issue. Sigh. Why can't everyone just dress perfectly, be always made up and gorgeous - like us?

(No, that was not me you saw the other day with no makeup and my hair flat, running into Kroger.)

threecollie said...

Hi, Mrs. Who, I really like your blog. I happened upon you because sarah was kind enough to leave a comment on mine and I followed her link here to you. Nice writing...interesting!

Lucy's Mom - Los Angeles, California said...

I do love your writing. You make me laugh out loud and this is a good thing. I would never wear house slippers and sleep pants to Walmart, however, I'm afraid I am guilty of the sweat pants and baggy tee shirt at the movies. But in my defense, because of our strange working hours, we frequently go to the movies on a weekday afternoon and we are very often the ONLY people in the theater. Why shouldn't I be comfy?? If it was a Saturday night outing, I promise I would dress decently. Oh yeah, and my fur lined, very expensive, Merrill clogs do not count as bedroom slippers even if they do have a fuzzy interior!!

Anonymous said...

So....then it IS ok to wear my sleeping pants and grey T-shirt when we go out to eat now...(?)


Mrs. Who said...

NO. A million times - no!

Anonymous said...

And I thought that this only occured in "Nickville"~!! I do love my pajamas,but am WAY TOO concerned about who I might "run-in to" to EVER wear them out!! One never knows when an "old flame" might just bump into your cart at the Dollar Zone~~~~ha,ha!!


Anonymous said...

JVS said that he saw a woman in Wal-Mart with fuzzy slippers. Now we are wondering if this is the same woman. She might LIVE there.


Mrs. Who said...

Unfortunately, no. I have seen this lovely attire on more than person. And not only at Walmart!

Sharon said...

Did that memo mention anything about wearing slippes and jammies to the school. Honestly there was a woman at our school last year in a long tight t-shirt with a big rip over her breast, and slippers. She walked her child to class. Man, that was a sight.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is nearly as bad as the blog "A Funny Truth" found here: