Thursday, January 11, 2007

Everyone Has A Blog

OK, everyone now has a blog. Well, maybe not everyone. But lots of people. Important people. Like my daughter. I can't possibly let my daughter have a blog when I don't have one!! She always says I am copying her (conveniently forgetting that I was the one BORN FIRST) so, even though I heard about blogs and wikis at technology conferences ages ago, I guess I will have to copy her and start one. But with baby steps. I'm still learning and will make modifications and, hopefully, improvements, as I go along.

The reason for having a blog? Well...there are lots. OK, not lots. But at least one. I have a lot to say. I have a lot of opinions. And I think the least I can do is make this information available to everyone on the Internet so they can become emotionally richer people because of my expansive knowledge. Although I am the first to admit that I don't know EVERYTHING. Lots and lots and lots of stuff, but not everything. But (and here's the important part) I'm a librarian. So I KNOW WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT! Find what? Well...anything. So, if I don't know enough to have an opinion about it (these situations are rare and widely spaced), I know how to find the information about it.

I like to talk and I like to write so this should be the perfect place for me. I will be writing about...pretty much everything. I am an elementary school librarian, a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, a voracious reader, an avid movie fan, an ardent tv viewer, and a world traveller (with many, many more trips planned). I'm also an overweight baby boomer on a diet and am looking forward to retirement in a couple of years. So, I have lots of things to talk about. I can't guarantee that I will write every day, since it seems my life gets more hectic and jam-packed every day, but I will write often. I admit I do have a bad memory which is rapidly deteriorating into little, charred bits of cinder even as I write, so I may repeat myself. I’ll try not to. But if I do, just shrug and enjoy the marvelous writing about something you have heard before.I hope to hear from some of you. Thanks for reading.

And, now, to give you something to comment on besides my lively introduction, I thought I would include my take on the last new "Bones" episode from a few weeks ago, before the new season begins.

I think David Boreanaz is as hot as a restaurant in Punta Cana in July with no air conditioning. And that’s pretty damn hot. I know. I loved, loved, loved him in “Angel” and often fantasized about what would have happened in his relationship with Buffy if the writers and directors had ONLY LISTENED to me and my wonderful script revisions which only occurred in my head, but hey, they were good!

Now, about the latest episode, “Judas on a Pole”. Wasn’t Ryan O’Neal perfect as Bones’ father? Although, one would think you would recognize your own father even though it HAD been fifteen years and there HAD been some plastic surgery. Still. Suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the moment. So, he’s a bad guy but really a good guy because he murdered the even badder guys who were after his kids. And in a pretty awful manner. Wouldn’t those intestines have burned up with the rest of the body? One would think so. But it did make a dramatic moment when Bones picked them up and they rolled around like a fat snake. So, I guess he and her brother are out of the picture for now. Do you think Booth suspected her brother knew? Is that why he had coffee with him at the diner? Hmmm. OK, on to the love/sex/magnetism between Booth and Bones. Don’t you think there was a lot of physical stuff in this episode? I’m not just talking about the hugs – although that was cool when she automatically turned to him and buried her face in his shoulder – I’m talking about the grabbing every time he wanted her to go with him and when she smacked his hands? Was that sexy or what? OK, I have to get my gratification in other ways since he obviously is not going to throw her down on the autopsy table anytime soon. But the slapping – I know I’m showing my age, but does anyone else remember the slapping on “Moonlighting” between David and Maddy? She slaps him, he slaps her back (she DOES deserve it), she starts to slap him, he grabs her hand, the music builds and they get horizontal. Extremely sexy. Although I could write a whole blog on how that show was ruined when Cybil Shepherd got her panties in a knot because Bruce Willis was becoming a bigger star than her. Anyway, the slapping. Did anyone else think that was sexy??
And, speaking of sexy, how do you think Cam feels about Booth? I’m thinking she likes him a whole lot more than he likes her. Did you see how she straightened his jacket in that one scene. Definitely the action of a woman who LIKES a guy, not just wants him in her bed. What do you think?

About this or anything else? Let me hear from ya!


boo said...

Dear Mrs. Who,
First let me say I'm honored to be your first commenter! I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your first blog (even though I don't watch Bones, but you make it sound quite good so perhaps I'll start Tivo-ing it!)

I was hoping you could help me with a question I myself have been pondering for some time now...Why is it that as of January 11th people still have their Christmas lights hanging on their houses?? Even more citical, WHY do they insist upon turning them on at night!? I'm very hopeful that you will be able to enlighten me on this matter!!

I'm highly anticipating your next post! In honor librarian position, I too will sign off using the name of one of my favorite children's literature characters!

Yours Truly,

charing said...

I think your blog will be great. I already have it on my favorites. I use to watch Moonlighting and I agree about Cybil Shepherd. That was back in the day of Hart to Hart and Vegas----Did you watch them?

Mrs. Who said...

I'm so glad to have some comments!! Now I know what Liz means. You worry that nobody is listening...I also am concerned about the Christmas tree light scandal. Why is there not a law??? You have to clean your sidewalks when they are covered with snow. You have to clean up dog poo. Why keep up the lights - and TURN THEM ON!!!

Mrs. Who said...

No, we never got into those two. We were obsessed with Moonlighting, though. And we loved Dallas. I'm not sure if those were on at the same time. I am so old. And I watch too much tv.

Anonymous said...

I agree that we are all getting old. Too many people have no clue that Bruce Willis was not always an action hero!

I also agree that people don't know how to drive in the rain. The morons are not only nerve wracking to us sensible drivers, they are incredibly dangerous. SLOW DOWN AND BACK OFF!!!

We love Bones, it is a weekly favorite. As long as we're discussing faves on TV, check out "Dexter" on Showtime. The show just finished the first season but I'm sure it will be available as reruns or on demand until the new ones start. Great show!!

I am already enjoying your blog and will definitely keep track of what you have to say. Keep writing.

Mrs. Who's Sister