Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That's Not Right!

There are a few things worse than never having a snow day off from school. Fires, floods, earthquakes, famines, droughts. Awful things. Many things.

But there is only one thing worse as fas as I am concerned.

And that is taking a shower, putting on makeup, getting dressed, packing a lunch, getting in your car and driving to work. THEN hearing on the radio that there is no school. Sigh.

(I had a post planned for this morning, so you get two-for-one. Yippee!! Enjoy.)


sarah said...

oh no no no no no...that is the worst thing ever. you actually WENT TO SCHOOL!!!! So so sad...i would feel worse if I wasn't walking out the door to go to work, but still...really sad.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse! After doing all that and then hearing about all the other counties surrounding you that are not going to school and your not one of them. That's not right!