Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Ecstasy of a Nap

As mentioned in a previous post, I think napping deserves a blog post of it's very own. So here ya go.

I love naps. I started napping in college. I don't remember ever napping in high school. I don't think I had time for naps back then. I went to school, I went to work, the days passed. I don't remember having a lot of of leisure time, although I'm sure I did. But napping in college. Mmmm. I had fun in college. Lots of fun. This required a great deal of late evening hours. So, a late afternoon nap was not only a luxury, but a requirement.

A good nap has certain criteria. You don't get IN the bed, you lie on top of the freshly made bed. You have an afghan or a light quilt thrown over your legs. You have a fan humming quietly in the background. The room is dark. You have no set time you have to get up. Now. Nap.

As one can relish a fine wine, I have some fine naps I remember. Naps after a day at the pool or the beach are high points. But one of my best naps took place on our cruise to Alaska. It must have been a day at sea, because I remember we had no time constraints, no pressure to be anywhere. I had a little bit of a headache, so we went back to the room so I could take a nap. This was the ultimate cruise where we had the Donald Trump-worthy suite, so we had a whole comfortable sitting area with a couch. Tom parked himself there with his handheld game machine (don't ask ME which one - I read.) and I laid on the bed. Now, this bed was a key component in the ultimate napping experience. It was huge, soft, and covered with a puffy white comforter. It was freshly made (not by ME, this adds to the allure) and smelled clean and nice. When I laid down on it, I sank down like an angel taking a quick nap on a cloud. The room was cool and the fan was humming. Tom had his headphones on so I couldn't hear the bad guys exploding into gore in his game.

And I napped. One of the nicest parts was dozing, opening my eyes to see him playing quietly on the couch, reassuringly there, always there, always loving me, then dozing back to sleep.

It was one of the best naps ever.


LizzyBee said...

My favorite naps are after a day at the pool. So my skin is a little sunburned, and warm, and the sheets feel nice a cool.
Plus-I always get under the covers! I can't stand to be on top of the comforter.

sarah said...

oh yes, I am with liz on the uner the covers deal. I can't really sleep unless I am all the way tucked into a bed. I also require no noise at all. I can sleep in the night with the TV on, but NEVER durring a perfect nap!

Anonymous said...

You should have your own newspaper column, or a network spot like Andy Rooney. Oh well, maybe when you retire.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the blogs. You are too with it!

charing said...

It must be a culture thing. Not a friend or anyone in my family ever napped. I grew up thinking naps were more or less for the lazy. Now everyone I know and especially my close friends take naps....I think I have to change my ways of thinking to how lucky and what a luxury to catch a nap.

Barbara said...

I'm with Sarah and Liz! Gotta get under those covers for a really good nap. I set a timer for 20 minutes 'cuz if I knap too long - I feel awful!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE NAPS! When my husband and I were dating, Sunday afternoons we would lay on the couch and he would watch football while, I slept. Those Sundays were the best! Now, he hates when I take naps (so much for the dating scene) but I love getting home before him in the afternoon to stretch out on the couch a nap for 20 minutes!