Friday, January 12, 2007

Breaking the Sound Barrier

It's raining this morning. When I was coming to school, it was pouring and it was as dark as the inside of a sock puppet. What does this mean to me?

1. Drive cautiously.
2. Drive slower than usual.

What does this mean to some other drivers?

1. Drive as fast as you possibly can. Even faster than normal. If it is possible to break the sound barrier with your vehicle, go for it. Bad weather means nothing. Disregard it.

2. Drive as close as possible to the car in the front of you. Do not pass them on the left. Just drive as close as possible. Closer. Closer. I think it's possible to get a hair between the two bumpers. Get closer. And it is most effective if this is done in a truck so your headlights are looming huge, blinding and intimidating in the mirrors.



LizzyBee said...

Yea, and you drive to work at like, 6 in the morning or something-imagine traffic for us 8-5 workers!
Love your blog Mom;)

charing said...

I suffer from road rage. I also suffer when I let my husband drive because his non stop remarks and comments about every other driver on the road drives me crazy. You mention drivers that seem to be a little reckless but dont you think overly cautious drivers can sometimes be just as dangerous?

Mrs. Who said...

Yeah...ummm...I AM that person you hate. The super cautious driver. You are probably yelling at me all the time. Sorry.

LizzyBee said...

You are definitely one of those people that Charing hates, because riding with you drives ME crazy.

sarah said...

I am so excited about your blog! How lucky am I that I do not have to get on any main roads when I go to work. It takes me like 3 minutes...seriously! I do get really crazy when Nick drives and I keep grabbing onto the handle and slamming my foot down on my magical make believe brake that I do think will one day work for me and save our lives just at the right time.
Will you be talking about Hero's on your excited for the 22nd!

Mrs. Who said...

Why, oh, why don't those imaginary brakes work? If I could only snap Tom's head forward a couple of times, maybe he would not get so spine-chillingly close to the car in front of us...