Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kentucky Fried Chicken

We are worldly and cosmopolitan. We know you are supposed to use that itty bitty fork for shrimp and that sorbet is served to cleanse your palate, not to slather with chocolate sauce. Although we were a LITTLE intimidated by the sheer number of utensils on the table at our first truly formal dinner, we have learned a lot from cruising the last few years.

And what we have learned is that when people hear you are from Kentucky, they think "Kentucky Fried Chicken".

We like sitting at big tables for dinner on a cruise, with a bunch of strangers. We didn't know if we would like it. We are not incredibly social, friendly people, although we have good friends and do socialize some. But we have met the most interesting people. A sweet, young newlywed couple on their honeymoon. A former Vietnam helicopter pilot who mailed us an autographed copy of his book after the cruise. A table of New Yorkers who apparently lost their "r's" somewhere around Houston Street. (Only tourists say Houston like the city in Texas. If you are wordly like us, you say House-ton. Odd but true) We were snorkeling around these people in the turquoise tropical water and snorted with laughter when they kept repeating "Don't snoakle ovah theah. Snoakle ovah heah." Of course, this is at the same time we were saying "How're y'all doin this mawnin?", so I shouldn't judge.

Anyway. It doesn't seem to matter who we meet or where they are from. When we say we are from Kentucky, they invaribly reply with "Oh, Kentucky Fried Chicken!". We met a lovely young couple from Italy in the airport. They could barely speak English. Guess what they said when we told them we were from Kentucky? Nothing about our great basketball team, our smooth bourbon, our fast horses - nope. "Oh, si, Kan-tuck-ee. Kentucky Fried Chicken, si?" Whew.

So, I have decided how I'm going to introduce myself from now on, to anyone from anywhere on any trip we take. "Yes, I am from Kentucky. Great basketball. Smooth bourbon. Fast horses."

Yeah. And I know what the inevitable reply will be.

"Oh, Kentucky. Kentucky Fried Chicken!"


sarah said...

This is so true! I have heard this about a million times. I guess it is good to be known for something, but still!

LizzyBee said...

I DO always hear that-in Punta Cana one of the guides said that to me, and in Vegas- somebody asked where we were from, and he said, "oh yes, we have your chicken..."
Funny. Chicken? And it's not that good compared to Cici's!

Mrs. Who said...

I know! It's crazy. And it doesn't matter where in the world you are!

Lucy's Mom said...

I, too, get the Kentucky Fried Chicken thing when I say my original "home" is Kentucky. God forbid I ever tell anyone that my Dad was a Kentucky Colonel, then their imagination really goes wild. I guess what irritates me the most is when they give me that "pitying" look, like "well, at least you had enough sense to leave." They have no idea how beautiful the state is and how warm, friendly, intelligent and well-educated the people are. (at least most of the people) All they think is "hillbillies." It is truly unfair that such a lovely place is known primarily for fried chicken and hillbillies. We need a good PR campaign!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lizzybee, you are so sweet.


and I'm known for more than JUST Chicken.
Strawberry Pretzel Salad,
Hashbrown casserole,
Chocolate Cake,

charing said...

Funny, I have never heard any comments on KFC. If anyone asks where I live or when I said I was moving here they talk about Derby and horse farms.