Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let it Snow

All I want to know is, what the heck happened to snow? You remember snow. That white stuff that used to fall out of the sky, make deep piles and drifts on the ground and the roads and they had to call off school?

We haven't had a snow day off school in TWO YEARS. Two years. That is so depressing. And now we are working on three years. Because there is no snow in the forecast anytime soon. And, even if it does snow, it's not going to pile up because the ground is so warm since we have had unseasonably warm weather.

Is this global warming? The experts are arguing about this tooth and nail, some insisting there is NO SUCH THING and others yelling HOW COME WE HAVEN'T HAD A SNOW DAY IN TWO YEARS? OK, maybe they weren't yelling that, but they should have been.

Snow days are so great. My husband says I just became a teacher so I could have the summers off and because of snow days, but I honestly (honestly!) never even thought of that when I got my teaching degree. It wasn't until we had our first snow day that I began to fully appreciate the career of teaching. Yeah, there is the reward of enlightening the little minds of those tiny people, but there is NOTHING more rewarding than a snow day.

You drag yourself out of bed at 5:00 a.m. in the pitch dark and stagger to the front door and peek out the curtain. Hey, it snowed! looks like a couple of inches! run to the tv and turn it on. No school! Then, you do the happy dance. (Who else remembers Balki's happy dance? From "Perfect Strangers"???) Then, you go back to bed. What could possibly be more fabulous than that? Except, maybe two snow days in a row.

Well, those days are apparently gone. Now we live in the temperate zone of the United States. Colorado is getting all our snow, those greedy, airport-bound jerks. Soon, Florida and California will be underwater from the melting glaciers and the deserts will spread and the snow on Mount Everest will melt.

I don't really care about any of that. I just want a snow day.


LizzyBee said...

Sorry Mom, I hate Snow Days now that I'm not in school. It just means the roads are bad for me-they would never close down my work.
During the big ice storm, they were open even with no power, and they had people filing stuff!

charing said...

I would love a Snow Day! I want a substantial amount that the kids could play in---not slush. Remember when snow was part of winter like flowers a part of spring?

Anonymous said...

I read all your posts this morning and think they’re great! I, too, have been thinking about doing a blog. You’ve inspired me. If I do get around to getting it going soon, I’ll share with you.


Anonymous said...

I know where all your snow days went. They went West to "sunny" California. It snowed in Malibu yesterday. You know Malibu? The Beach Colony right on the Pacific Ocean in Southern California? Yeah, that Malibu. The weather here in Southern California has been truly crazy. Snow, ice, freezing weather....and we are not equipped for this! Insulation? What's that? Snow boots? Surely you jest! It was 12 degrees last night....yes 12. Granted I live about 60 miles from the coast at a slightly higher elevation than sea level, but this is the craziest weather we've ever seen. There's frost on the car windows! The puddles made by the sprinkler system are solid ice! And the topper? There's ice floating in the swimming pool! Of course my crazy Labrador Retrievers think nothing of it as they just brush past the ice floes as they swim along. Good Lord! What's wrong with the weather???

Mrs. Who's sister.

boo said...

I'm with ya, Mrs. Who!! I guess we coooould just move to a neighboring county where they close school if it rains hard...but that's just not the same!! Where are you glorious snow!?

Wishing for that winter white wonder,

Anonymous said...

This is my sixth year of teaching and I think I've only had a TOTAL of 6 snow days! I can't wait for another one.

I'm on the list serve by the way. I have a few blogs that I read daily, but I'm glad to have a fellow LMS's to read daily. Thanks!